Actual distances to POI's and not "As the crow flies"

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Actual distances to POI's and not "As the crow flies"

Postby CTCNetwork » Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:58 pm


An issue I came across when looking for petrol in Harwich. I wanted a shell garage and there was, apparently a garage (the closest) about 6 miles away. O added the garage as a stop for my route up north.

Only the garage was not 6 miles away it was about 15 odd miles away! 6 miles if I had wings and flew over the estuary!

When calculating distance to places I take it that Waze uses line-of-sight distances rather than the actual distance to travel to a place? Mighty inconvenient if your destination is not shown on the map and how much further the journey will be...

Would it not be possible to have the actual distances to points via road?

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