Waze will not show alternate routes that Google Maps shows

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Waze will not show alternate routes that Google Maps shows

Postby jefflackey » Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:12 pm

I'm planning a long drive tomorrow (16 hours) and I'd like to avoid going through a certain city. When I enter my destination in Google maps it shows two options, only about 10 minutes different, and one is the way I'd like to go. When I enter the destination in Waze it only offers one route (even when I hit the button for routes) with no alternates - and it is not the route I'd like to take.

I know I can painstakingly enter city by city to get it to go the route I want, but that's a pain since I'm driving alone, I'd basically have to pull over each time I reach one of the cities and enter the next one. Is there any reason Google Maps will show the alternate routes and Waze won't?

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Re: Waze will not show alternate routes that Google Maps sho

Postby ranttine » Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:17 pm

Yes. Both use completely different routing system and have nothing in common.

You could try to mimic googles route by choosing one point in the googles route along the way you prefer and enter that as a stop point to wazes route.

It might be that the route you want has some roads along the way which are of lower category. On long routes Waze becomes 'blind' of roads lower than highways on parts which are not close to start or end points of the trip.
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