Improvement: Transition to 2nd Leg of 2 Destination Route

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Improvement: Transition to 2nd Leg of 2 Destination Route

Postby sdcacar » Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:27 am

While in Navigation mode when you have two destinations using the Add a Stop feature - when Waze determines that you have arrived at your destination, the app displays a bubble dialog basically with the next destination address and I believe the countdown timer. Please have it display the address that you just arrived at, with a button that says Next Stop or similar and no countdown timer.

This is because for example you arrive at a condo or townhouse complex, or an office-style strip mall where each business entrance is not well marked with big signs like a retail strip mall usually has, and Waze determines that you have arrived at your destination and displays the final destination address in the dialog box, and after the countdown timer, just begins providing directions to the next address.

The problem is the user may still need to drive around a bit to truly arrive at the destination, and need to glance at the screen and see the address the user 'just arrived at' but is still searching for, and the user doesn't need to see the final destination address displayed yet, much less have the directions start announcing how to get to the final destination. Very irritating! :lol:

It would be a huge improvement to display the current address arrived at with a 'Next Stop' button and with-out countdown timer so that the user determines when Waze continues directions to the final destination. With the 'Next Stop' button feature, when the user presses it, Waze could go into the familiar Dialog box with the next address or business name displayed with the ETA and Miles and buttons for Cancel / Routes / Go count down timer.

This applies as of Waze , just noticed 3.5 was released 2 days ago, haven't downloaded it due to reports of excessive data usage compared to prior versions?

Please implement this, or let me know where these types of requests should be submitted. Thanks!
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Re: Improvement: Transition to 2nd Leg of 2 Destination Rout

Postby AlanOfTheBerg » Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:44 am

It is in Waze's plan to have something of a "pause" of some kind when arriving at the stop point. How they will implement this is yet to be seen.
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