Default route selection

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Default route selection

Postby AggieJM » Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:11 pm

I've noticed on a couple of long trips that Waze does not pick the fastest or shortest route by default when I choose my destination.

For example, last night I started Waze and set my destination as my home location. The window immediately popped up showing a route of 284 miles that would take 4h 22min. I knew this wasn't correct, so I selected the routes button to generate alternate routes. In my alternate route list, there were two other routes that were both shorter and faster. My preferences are set to take the fastest route and I do not have the avoid highway option selected.

Here are the routes that were shown:

waze_routs.PNG (100.3 KiB) Viewed 6766 times

Just as a test, I left it on the route it selected by default and continued to drive on the route that I knew was the fastest so I could see how long it would take before it recalculated to the best route. Once I was about 10 miles into the route and it had suggested numerous u-turns, it finally picked the correct route and shaved 30 minutes and 30+ miles off of the trip.

Is there another preference that dictates which route it should pick by default? I've never driven the route it suggests since it is often heavily congested with traffic which makes it even slower. In this case, I know the route so it's not such a big deal since I'm only running Waze for traffic and road updates. But in an unfamiliar area, this doesn't give me much confidence that I'm getting the proper route without digging through all the alternate routes first.
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