Offline maps? Roaming is expensive!

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Re: Offline maps? Roaming is expensive!

Postby WeeeZer14 » Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:21 am

There are many past threads but I am too lazy to look right now.

Summary: Waze is designed to give you real time information and in return you give other users real time information. This is only possible with an alway on data connection. Use outside of this criteria is not supported.

You MAY have luck by looking at your entire route on your device before you leave while you still have a data connection, but there is a limit to what is cached and each zoom level is cached separately.
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Offline maps? Roaming is expensive!

Postby torbengb » Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:15 pm

I'm planning a 2 x 1500km drive through several European countries. It would be neat if I could use Waze but I'm afraid that it won't work without a constant Internet connection. That would mean having to use international roaming data (ludicrously expensive!) or buying a local SIM card for each country (impractical). I don't suppose that Waze has the capability to download offline map/routing data in advance and just cache it for me.

- Am I right that I can't use Waze for my planned drive outside of the coverage of my national mobile provider?
- What alternatives do I have? I mean, besides a) don't use navigation, or b) buy a navigation device.

Yes I searched before asking this question but I didn't find any appropriate answers.
I would've included the search URL but it conflicts with the post formatting.
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