Waze not finding closest business.

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Re: Waze not finding closest business.

Postby cameraguy » Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:02 am

kuduboet wrote:
CBenson wrote:The waze tab functions when you enter a street address (although currently, at least in most areas, the results are coming from a third party, like Bing). POIs are currently not handled well through the waze tab (in fact waze usually defaults to the Bing tab for my POI searches). POIs added to the waze map are not currently used for navigation.

Thanks so much for the clarification, now I just noticed today that the Google tab is gone? I did a quick forum search and didn't find any comments about it, is this a licensing thing, have we lost Google and are bound to Bing? If so, that is unfortunate as Bing is definitely a second rate citizen to Google in my opinion. :( The last time I used Bing for a McDonald's, it literally took me to someones house :shock:

I actually made a post about it... it's here...


I am guessing the reason why it is gone is because Bing is paying Waze to get rid of Google.
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