Waze acts as if part of US 73 is missing but there on map ed

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Waze acts as if part of US 73 is missing but there on map ed

Postby CitadelSix » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:35 pm

I have a regular route I take to and from my grad school. In the last couple of weeks, Waze has been unable to follow this route, as if somehow part of a major state highway has gone missing. Instead, it tries to route me off the highway at several exits in order to bypass a particular roadway intersection (overpass/underpass) on US Hwy 73/KS 7 with 55th St.

Last week, as I approached the overpass, Waze tried to route me onto the off-ramp and then to the on-ramp on the other side. This week, it tried to route me off, and then onto secondary streets to a point further up the road.

I can't see an error looking at the map editor, though I see that the map data shows a separate section of Hwy 73 extending from just south of this overpass to just north of the same intersection. The segment is there, however, so I'm not sure why it cannot make the connection from one segment to the next, but as I drive over the intersection, Waze seems confused as to where I am as it recalculates, and then after I'm well beyond the intersection, it finally routes normally to the additional 13 or so miles that I must continue going north on Hwy 73. Further, it is a level five protected map item, so I could not edit it if I want.

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Re: Waze acts as if part of US 73 is missing but there on ma

Postby CBenson » Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:43 pm

It looks to me like the red turn restriction here is wrong. You need to either send the1who a personal message through the forum here to ask for it to be changed. Or request that it be change in the subforum here by following the instructions in the first sticky posts.
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