Red GPS Unavailable, estimating... Message

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Red GPS Unavailable, estimating... Message

Postby goomesh » Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:11 am

I have a 3GS, iOS 6.1 and I have been experiencing some very strange behavior while using Waze on my drives to/from work. In the morning, 8:00-8:30 EST, I start my commute and if I go into navigation and pull up a route to follow I almost immediately start getting the red message across the top saying GPS is Unavailable, estimating location. I can switch over to GPS Info, fire it up and it's updating an avg of once every 6 secs using GPS. I can also pull up Google Maps, and a pedometer that uses GPS and they both work fine as well.

I stopped using turn by turn and put the phone in one place, typically on my backpack in the passenger seat so it doesn't slide around and it's above the bottom of the window allowing better reception. While this seemed to work much better, my morning routes are still very spotty. I usually get about 7 miles of my 20 mile commute recorded. However, in the afternoons, 5:00 PM, I have been getting very close to a full trip recorded, I'd say 96%.

So far, this is all I can offer as far as help:
1. It's worse in rush hour traffic in the morning. 8:00-8:30 is when I start my commute.
2. I can have four bars or one bar
3. I am on AT&T 3G
4. Cloudy or Beautiful Blue Skies (which we have a lot of this time of year) 8-)
5. I don't see other Wazers any more :(

Its still fun but I bet it would be a lot more fun if I got credit for my drives every morning. I have laid down a few traffic and road hazard reports that ended up a mile behind where I was when I made it. I try to play by the rules unlike the ones who drop a road hazard every 5 miles down the highway so it would be nice to get the credit I've actually earned.

Isn't there some way the system can tell that if I'm 20 miles away I drove the same route as yesterday and it's much further than 7 miles? I have it set to learn my common routes, does that feature not work? I've driven the same route most every day since I installed Waze. To me it seems like times of "no GPS" that's when it would be most useful. How does that work?

Is anyone else experiencing this in high traffic times? I'm in the central FL area.
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Thanks and Happy Wazeing!

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