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Places import Yext

Postby popel22 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:24 am

Wir haben einen neuen Import für Places von Yext.
Diese erscheinen als PUR.
Bitte checken und bestätigen oder ablehnen.
Wenn doppelt, bitte mergen.

Ich habe noch nicht so viele bearbeitet. Die Rückmeldungen aus anderen Ländern sind gemischt. Manche Hui manche Pfui.
Hoffe wir sind ein Hui-Land

Es werden nicht alle Places auf einmal importiert. Das wird in Schüben kommen.

Hier die offizielle Ankündigung:
Yesterday we started the Yext feed for venues in ROW, after starting it in NA a few months back. Here are a few things you should know:

* Top countries for Yext in ROW are: Italy, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland. So most of the PURs will be in those countries.
* We always inject a relatively small amount of feed venues at a time.
* All venues should be imported as PURs.
* Feel free to reject PURs when are irrelevant location.
* If they are duplicate venues of existing venues, we invite you to use the Merge Places feature in WME. Overall, yext should be a high quality feed and using merge will allow for the yext feed to update their own venues through feed (i.e.: Opening hours etc.)

Please let us know any feedback in this thread. We did some testing on this feed with the US community and as a result improved many aspects (including matching to street names, categories etc). So please let us know if you are seeing any issues and we'll pass it on to the team.



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Re: Places import Yext

Postby Athannor » Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:50 am

Thanks ! We have also notified the french editors in the relative Slack channel.
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