READ ME! Changing world_xxx and usa_xxx username


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READ ME! Changing world_xxx and usa_xxx username

Postby davipt » Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:07 am

If you are already here reading this post but your account is still named world_xxx or usa_xxx, it means you already gathered a password to access the websites and have been to the right place to create a proper account, and are now wondering what to do to fix that and change your account without loosing any data.

These instructions are dedicated to the people that login using Facebook, and later ask for the password via "recover password" on the client or on the web. If you gathered a password by any other means, or did not use Facebook, please mention exactly what you did and clicked when you started the client and what did you do to access the web.

The official procedure can be followed on the support page by searching e.g. "change account", but here's an alternate step by step version:

- On your client, go to "Settings", "Account&Login", "Username&Password" button. If you can see the screen below, you're on the right track. Just click on "Join", enter your new account name (which cannot be changed later!), password, nickname and email. These are your new credentials for the web and the world/usa won't work anymore. Just in case, close the client, reopen it, double check if your're still logged in with your new account, and double check that you may need to reconnect to Facebook (and Twitter and Foursquare) on the client.

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- If your client doesn't show that screen but only a login screen like the one below, with empty fields or filled up with world/usa_xxx, and you have logged in with Facebook - if you didn't login with facebook, stop here!, then follow the instructions below:

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- Remove the application from your device to clear up any registration files.

- Reinstall the application.

- When the client starts, it will show the "Login" vs. "Start driving" buttons. Press "Login"

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- On the login screen, login again with Facebook, to ensure the client reuses the previous world/usa account:

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- Now go back to the first instructions and the "Sign In" button and the screen to enter the username, password, nickname and email shall be there!


With this procedure all points, drives and map related stuff shall remain. The forum posts done with the world/usa account will remain, but won't change the owner. On the forum it's recommended not only to logout from the world/usa account, but also, just in case, use the "Delete all board cookies" on the footer of the page, before logging in with the new account.

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