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Re: Map issues

Postby Challenger3802 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:24 am

Looking at the maps in Guinea (Livemap versus Google Maps) there does seem to be huge chunks of major roads missing, which would connect up the fairly well mapped cities in the interior with those on the coast. Is there a need to have additional editors in this country? There do seem to be users in Conakry (based on GPS points) perhaps it's time to encourage them to use the rest of the road network :?: :geek:

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Re: Map issues

Postby asterix06 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:48 am

You can start applying for Area Manager, than you can ask for new area or area enlargement
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Re: Map issues

Postby kpouer » Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:10 pm

Hi, if you have read the documentations about how to edit roads in your country, you can ask to be area manager by filling that form
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Map issues

Postby videren » Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:23 pm

Hi. I live in Nairobi, Kenya at the moment and I would love to assist with the map issues that come up in this town. But - since I haven't driven everywhere, I can't fix most of them. Is there any way for an admin to allow a level 1 editor to edit more?
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