Naming Demoted (former) State Highways

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Naming Demoted (former) State Highways

Postby MacroNav » Sat May 19, 2018 10:25 pm

How should we handle roads that were formerly classified as state highways, but have now reverted to local control? In this case, the county still calls it a numbered highway, even though the state does not.

Hwy 282 runs from Jefferson City to East Helena. A small section at Montana City remains signed and classified as on-system secondary Hwy 282, and there is a new section on the west side of the highway that is classified on-system secondary hwy 282. However, The older sections north and south of Montana city are no longer on-system or signed by MDT. There are a few Little Green Signs/Street signs that call it "Hwy 282" or S Hwy 282", but there are no state arrowhead secondary number signs.

So, in the case where a county still calls it a numbered highway, should we leave it named MT-282, name it S Hwy 282 like the LGS, or call it county hwy 282 or similar?

Jefferson County GIS calls it "S Hwy 282"

MDT GIS calls it off-system (except for the part in Montana City)
Depending on section, named either:
Jefferson County Route 926
Jefferson City Frontage Rd

*** Update *** I did make changes to match county GIS and signage, changing some sections to "Hwy 282" and other local street names, and updating road types to reflect FC

usedta be hwy 282 section, county still calls it 282 ... s=29386115

Current State Secondary route 282 (MT-282) section: ... s=29386653

Current State Secondary MT-282 section with local street name: ... s=78173371

Usedta be 282 section, county now calls it Colonial Dr ... =509381043
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