creating Freeway Exit Area Places

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Re: creating Freeway Exit Area Places

Postby HBiede » Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:12 am

MacroNav wrote:If the exit serves a community I do tend to include the city in the address, not in the name.

Per the wiki standards, the street, city, and state meta data are to match that of the freeway segment contained with in.
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creating Freeway Exit Area Places

Postby MacroNav » Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:07 am

We have begun adding Freeway Exit Area Places in Montana. This is not a high priority project, but is something to work on as a diversion from regular road and place work. If you want something else to do, here's the process:

1. read the Wiki:

2. open the tracking spreadsheet: ... _XwsdH0ARo

3. Find your exit area - GIS-Layers mile marker layer is handy for this.

4. First, check all the on/off ramps for segments with "quotes" around the names. The quotes need to be removed - find all the segments you need to downlock and post a single PL in discord. Optionally record the PL to the quoted segments in the spreadsheet and fix it later.

5. Draw your area to the outside edge of the ramps. Make sure not to snap the area to the segment nodes, that's hard to edit later. See the wiki for shape guidance. some odd ramp styles might be too confusing to include, so use good judgement and ask for advice to keep it useful and simple.

6. Name per Wiki to just the exit number: Exit 123 If the exit serves a community I do tend to include the city in the address, not in the name.

7. Lock as high as you can up to L5, save, and record the PL for the new area in the spreadsheet, as well as marking the relevant fields that it's been completed and by whom.

Any questions, ask HBiede ;)
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