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New Name

PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 5:21 pm
by andrewbc836
Just fyi, I changed my name, since abc836 is a little vauge. That was my original email address from like almost 20 years ago, still have it.

Also, the irony of being an Apple Evangelist with a username of AndroidBC isn't lost on me. But I had the nickname before google. One of my friends growing up, his dad called me Android instead of Andrew.

Ok. I'm done now.

Oh, maybe not, the BC is my middle/last initials. Hence abc. Andrew Benjamin Cole.

Ok, for real. Done. Happy editing.


Re: New Name

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:00 am
by MojaveCactusMonkey
Oh,...I thought you were were ABC Towing's favorite client...

I love my iphone 5s, but loved the price of my new chromebook laptop better due to the price. So I'm up in the air. Now as my vision is suffering from getting older eyeballs, the 6 plus might have to happen so I can stop wearing my reading glasses.

I changed my name a couple months ago, and lost all my forum posts as CactusMonkey1966 counting towards MojaveCactusMonkey, and somehow screwed up my scoreboard points probably forever. But its not about the points after a certain point anyhow.

Glad you didn't dissapear. Your name converted automatically on my Userboard list of Waze "friends". Check your signature icon as you are rank 4 now. Right?