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Re: Split road and at grade connector editor

Fri Feb 28, 2014 10:02 pm

Ahh, I see my mistake. I got caught up in the second part of irowiki's post and glossed over the first part. I assumed that irowiki was talking about all of the advanced options.

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:30 am

It looks like that reference was for CH version 1.5, so maybe that anonymous editor search has been deprecated since? So zoom down, pan around, and keep refreshing the Editor drop down :-)

How did I end up in the Nevada forum anyway? Silly Tapatalk doesn't make it clear enough, so sorry to provide misinformation and be in your state forum to begin with...

I'll stick to subjects i know about... So, anyone tried Bibo coffee by U Nevada Reno...? :-D

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:46 pm

cactusmonkey1966 wrote:Re: usa xxx unidentified editors and area managers
WME highlighter from Timbones identifies
- Highlight segments by anonymous editors (usa_* and world_*)
Also can filter edits by editor user ID

Where are these options at? I must be missing them somewhere...

Highlight Segments
 Editor Locks (Red)
 Traffic Locks* (Dark Red)
 Toll (Dashed)
 No Name (Orange)
 No City (Gray)
 One Way (Blue)
 Unknown Direction (Cyan)
 Time/Vehicle Restrictions (Purple)
 Unterminated Roads* (Lime)
 Filter by City (Yellow)  invert

 Highlight a Road Type (Purple)

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:12 pm

Alright, that makes sense, thank you!

I was actually just wondering about ways to highlight recent edits, too.

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:42 pm

Just my opinion - I don't see anything wrong with the at-grade connectors at the location in the permalink. Those roads are far enough away from the main intersection that people traveling them could very well start tripping "road too far apart" MPs. The at-grade connectors there should keep those from happening (and who knows - maybe whoever put them there did so in response to a MP).

As to over-enthusiastic low-level road splitters, were those done by rank 1 or rank 2 editors? Again, strictly my own opinion here, but I tend to favor the "lock at lowest level needed to protect" approach on important roads (Primary Street and above) if there have been problems. If you can get away with locking it at rank 2, do that. If it was a rank 2 that gave you the problems, then lock at rank 3.

Remember, this is supposed to be a community effort; if you lock everything out so that nobody but "high rank levels" can edit anything, nobody is going to want to contribute. Obviously, the down side of that is that you end up with newbies who occasionally screw something up.

And in all cases, if possible, contact the person who made the mistakes, let them know about it, point 'em at the Wiki, and try to get them to fix it - that way, you encourage them to learn to do it right. Of course, it might not always be possible to get hold of them.

One of MY biggest "things that bother me" about all this is that Waze allows you to edit without creating a forum account, which makes it hard to notify an errant editor. I really wish that they'd make a requirement that you MUST create a forum account, which has a confirmed working E-Mail address, before you're allowed to edit the map at any level. Not that that's likely to happen.... :(

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:32 am

The policy already IS to read the Wiki before you start editing (which includes information about not splitting roads except in specific circumstances). The problem is, a lot of new editors don't seem to do so - they just start editing as soon as they discover they can.... :?

I think the first time you start up the editor, it should stick up a pop up with a link to the Wiki, with a note that you should read that before you start, and ask them to check a box that says that they understand this before it allows you to start editing. It still can't force them to do so, obviously, but it make it REALLY obvious to new editors (many of whom have just watched a video that Waze provides showing how easy it is to edit the map...) that there's a written resource that they should be going through first.

It'll probably never happen, though... :(

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:48 pm

Of course, the new editors in question need to actually be reading the forum for that to do any good. :shock: :D

But it's a good idea, nonetheless. ;)

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:39 am

I'm glad someone's there doing it. I broke out in hives every time I looked at the Vegas part of the map - I was on the verge of starting to pester Jemay for AM access to Vegas/Henderson just so that I could start clearing the board of all the false speed/red light cameras on it (they aren't legal in NV, in case you didn't know - so it's a good bet that any that show up are probably someone who saw a traffic cam and didn't know the difference). :lol:

It's not as bad in Reno/Carson City, though they do show up from time to time. And get nuked just as soon as they do. :mrgreen:

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:19 pm

cactusmonkey1966 wrote:I believe that any requirement to read forums or to read the Wiki would intimidate many from trying their hand at editing. I think your idea of registering with a non usa username so we can contact new editors when we see something we can coach or encourage would be enormously more beneficial.

Regardless of reading it or not, if they don't register in the forum, we can't PM them, and thus can't contact them to let them know of a problem. I've run into plenty of non-usa_* usernames that got me the big "no such user" message when I've tried to PM them. So yea, I think forum registration with a working, confirmed E-Mail address as a requirement to edit would benefit Waze as a whole.

Encouraging a new editor to read the forums is a good idea. Requiring them to at a minimum read the quick start guide is even better (though I'd settle for something which just really points it out with a URL the first time they go to edit). It's really not that big of a read, and it answers a LOT of the questions I've seen pop up in the WME chat window.

IMHO, if the person who gets it has an attitude along the lines of, "What? There's a simple set of instructions that I should follow when editing? Well I don't want to bother with that!" should be discouraged from editing.

We don't have enough editors in Las Vegas by the discussions in this Nevada forum.

Naw, they're probably all busy editing (or making bad edits) and don't bother with the forum. :-)

Let's help them instead of putting up potential roadblocks to getting them started. Once they realize how satisfying editing can be, they'll want to read more to become better editors.

Human nature being what it is, some would, and others wouldn't.

Most new people don't read the Wiki, which shows them how to do it right, because they don't know about it. I know we won't get it, but something like a pop up the first time that provides you with a link to it and you having to check a box saying that you'll read it will at least REALLY call attention to the fact that it's there. There's no way to know if they've actually read it when they check the box, but by doing that you at least make it obvious to them that there's a guide which will give them the information they need for doing it right.

They aren't roadblocks - they're tools. And to do any job right, you need the right tools. And if you can do something that really makes them aware of the Wiki and maybe even encourages them to do so (the quick start guide isn't that big, for crying out loud).

And by encouraging someone to use the right tools sooner, rather than later, you show them neat things they can do that they didn't know about and get them making less errors that then have to be fixed afterwords - usually by an AM or higher who couldn't reach the errant editor since they don't have a valid forum login to PM to.... ;)

I understand what you're saying, and I agree that encouraging people to edit the map is a good thing. I just think that encouraging them to edit the map correctly is a better thing, so pointing them at the tools early on is the best way of handling it.

Encouraging them to simply start editing without providing any guidelines is the way that things like a Split-road Sahara that abc836 now had to clean up happens. "Well, it looks that way in Google Maps!" ....

BTW, if you and/or abc are not already using them, there's a few map-editing tools that I absolutely swear by: The WME Toolbox, WME Color Highlights, the WME Junction Node Fixer, WME Junction Angle Info and last, but not least, the WME Validator.

The above list is given in no particular order of importance to me. :-) Like I said, if you guys aren't already using some of these, check them out. They make editing a LOT better for me.

Re: Split road and at grade connector editor "jollyness" ??

Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:42 pm

I don't have any problem with what you're suggesting. When I see something odd in my area, I always try to communicate with that user/editor. However, if they haven't bothered to create a forum account, there is no method by which I can communicate with them. At that point, all I can do is clean up their mess. A lot of times, I end up not seeing any further edits from those people (edit and runs :-)). And even when they have created a forum account, I many times get no answer at all and checking their user profile shows that they've never logged in. That's why I'm always wishing that they didn't allow you to edit without first registering for the forum and providing a confirmed, valid E-Mail address (so that when they get a PM, they get an E-Mail telling them about it). It's a shame that it will probably never happen. :?

cactusmonkey1966 wrote:Re: usa xxx unidentified editors and area managers
WME highlighter from Timbones identifies
- Highlight segments by anonymous editors (usa_* and world_*)
Also can filter edits by editor user ID.

When I've noticed something odd by a given editor, I will often filter by that editor so I can see what else he/she has been doing. However, I don't see any option anywhere that highlights things done by anonymous editors.... Am I misreading something?
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