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Re: Address data available?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:06 am
by cactusmonkey1966
Google Maps should NOT really be used for addresses and is frequently innacurate for Waze purposes on the address points anyhow. I use the county assessors office which I've used in Washoe County when it was needed.

Clark County: ... earch.aspx
Click on Parcel Info & Maps
Then Click on Arial Photography for the connection

Nye County:
Just scroll in and you can click near the green dot of each property

Also Pahrump Maps which show dirt road vs paved/graded:

I'm currently working on the Pahrump Map as there are a lot of innacuracies. Google Maps is horribly wrong here and the GIS administrator in Nye County made mention to me that Google Maps are notably innacurate in Nye County in General. This is why we should use official resources other than Google Maps, Bing, or other GPS programs.

The problem with Google Map address points is that too frequently their address points are centered over a property (check your local golf course or airport) and Waze will direct navigation to the closest street to that point in Google Maps (our parent) if Waze doesn't have an exact match. This is why it is always better to have the Waze address point or the places address in the exact entrance for motorized navigation. In Las Vegas we've moved some of the places points on the strip to the entrance to the property rather than at the front door because the properties are so big. Having an appropriate parking lot road per wikipedia guidelines passing the front entrance is probably going to help Waze navigation as well.

Re: Address data available?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:55 am
by cactusmonkey1966
Using the Nye County my gis website, you simply hover over the property, or click near the green dot and the information has a pop up window. However, the property number is also listed near the street and once you've got the right street name, then it's easy to add a bunch of addresses.

Using which is the county assessors office, the data is used to verify street names, but more useful is determining dirt road versus paved. I'm working on that project right now actually and nearly halfway through the city. There are a lot of dirt/gravel roads that the fancy city slickers don't want Waze to send them with their fancy cars on the dirty roads I suppose... Especially when there are enough paved roads there to navigate around the rougher roads.

I found that I see a lot of direction errors because Waze address points and/or Google address points are closer to the neighboring street where the Wazer was misdirected. I fix Waze and sometimes Google Map Maker. If the user picks the wrong selection in Waze and uses Google it will still direct incorrectly behind the house closer to the Google point. Needs to be 100% the same for Waze to give you the Waze address point if already available. Work in progress I suppose.

Yes I've looked at your wiki editing... Its a nice starting point. I guess we could put other Nevada related standards on that Wiki Page. Maybe you could consider looking at BLM Nevada Maps?
or the Nevada Forrest Service Road Maps? Maybe if we agree that they are useful as well, I'll add them to the Wikipedia Nevada page.

There are a lot of dirt roads in NV that are not named or mis labled, and most are not aligned with the arial image anyhow. While one can spend a lot of time cleaning up dirt roads in NV the information should be accurate. I've done some roads outside Las Vegas using the BLM roads. The Forest Service link isn't working right now for me, so I've contacted their website to report a problem...we'll see...

Also, maybe a link for those interested in reporting on Google Map Maker, but I think our priority should be Waze of course.

Forest svc and BLM

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:09 am
by cactusmonkey1966
There are a lot of back road drivers here that drive the roads. I see some gps tracks out there. Anyone seeking the Nevada Wiki page might find it a useful resource especially most of the smaller NV cities are actually surrounded by BLM lands whose roads are NOT referenced on the county assessors websites. So yeah,it's relevant I think. If we put resources on the NV wiki page then you can simply explain which resources are most helpful. The NYE website Pahrump road types really determine dirt/4x4 roads vs Street in Waze terms which is helpful. I've
Already converted the NV DOT Functional Classification roads.

Personally I'd rather encourage new editors to get their points by reading the places wiki in my signature below. Address addition doesn't really get my editing interests to a high excitement level. Placing the place point in the right spot and editing in the address in the places function as well.

By the way your reference to using 3rd party sources (Bing) bring up copyright issues so I tell editors to use more official resources rather than another GPS app or website. The data can be old and inaccurate. There have been plenty of accuracy issues even with Google. Even on road placement, and names. Street view is helpful to correct street names if editors can see the street sign, but in smaller cities and outlying areas we can't depend on another website/app to be accurate 100%. Garbage in garbage out. So your official resource
Wikipedia page is a great idea. Thanks for taking the initiative.

Re: Address data available?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:21 pm
by cactusmonkey1966
Places replace former landmarks to create app searchable destinations especially when others don't list them. If you notice Waze "place" choices come up first. The address in the Place database which users can key in addresses are used in place of strictly an address. So the reason I promote places in Las Vegas is simply because most people looking for a business or a tourist interest will not have a number address. Adding house numbers is very tedious. And yes Google
And Bing have issues with number addresses in Las Vegas quite frequently especially with gated communities being directed the wrong way or to the locked gate in the back. So while adding addresses is tedious, but needed, I wonder why Waze ranks it lowest in point accumulation. 1 point per segment no matter how many addresses you add. If the reader here realizes Places are not at all used for house addresses, then read the Places link in my signature, they'll understand my point.

Re: your Wiki/Wikipedia rant...

Why such a wiki rant? Same thing to me like tissue vs Kleenex. Look on the top left of wiki page and you'll see a giant Wikipedia Logo. Your capital and large bold letters tell me you have too much time on your hands to worry about such a thing. I'll make sure I refer to it properly when communicating with you though...Ok?? ;)

Thanks again for adding the wiki references.

Re: Address data available?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:32 pm
by cactusmonkey1966
Points for addresses...Points Wiki on Points
Lots of editing forum references to getting only 1 point per segment. Ideally, points aren't the most important reason to edit. However, consider that Waze ONLY values addresses enough to give them only 1 point per segment.

Also this quote from Sketch rank 6

Re: [Updated] House Numbers in WME
by sketch » Thu May 01, 2014 12:08 pm

krikketdoug wrote:
So when I do a search for "Sushi House", what point is Waze going to route me to, if there is a conflict between the street address it finds and the landmark. (Shouldn't happen, but I'm thinking about resolving future problems.)

Sketch (rank 6 global champ) wrote 5-1-14: The Place. House numbers are only used if you search for an address (and if it is matched with a Google address).

Say you add a Place named Sushi House with the address 3333 Jefferson Hwy, and also a 3333 house number point on Jefferson Hwy. Searching and routing to Sushi House will take you to the Place. Searching and routing to 3333 Jefferson Hwy will take you to the house number stop point (if the Google-Waze match works properly).

They don't work with each other. So if you have only added the 3333 house number, searching for Sushi House will take you to the Google/Foursquare/whatever point for Sushi House, while searching for 3333 Jefferson Hwy will take you to the Waze address point (assuming it works properly). On the other hand, if you have only added the Place for Sushi House with the 3333 Jefferson Hwy address — but not a 3333 house number — and search for Sushi House, you will get the Place in the Waze tab; but if you search for 3333 Jefferson Hwy, you'll get the Google address marker location.

Re: Address data available?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 4:10 pm
by MojaveCactusMonkey
To the Nevada Page I would like to link resources for Nevada Cameras and maybe update Nevada specific forest rds and BLM rds. how do I access? Maybe PM me?
Formerly cactusmonkey1966

Re: Address data available?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:43 pm
by MojaveCactusMonkey
Have you seen the CT template for a state wiki page?

CT state template

This is kind of what I was referring to...

Re: Address data available?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:01 am
by MojaveCactusMonkey

Lyon County NV resource for streets on GIS needs to be updated on the Nevada Wiki please...

The folowing is from Chad Foster the GIS analyst II from Douglas County which manages the GIS page for Lyon County:

There is no direct access to addresses, but the official resources for the street names come from the Lyon County Assessors Office. For addresses once would have to look up the parcel numbers on the website we listed already on the wiki.

Address data available?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:20 pm
by SuperDave1426
I occasionally run into a satellite image showing a road that's not in the Waze map. So, I'll verify with Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc., that there's actually a road there and what the name is, and then I'll add it to the Waze map. So far, so good.

I'm not super worried about it since Waze gets its primary address location information from Google, but if possible, I'd like to be able to add street address numbers to a street when I've added it. Problem is, I have no idea how to go about finding this information.

Is there any kind of source of this information somewhere?

In my searching, I did stumble across this tool, which uses Google Maps' reverse geocode API. You move the little red marker, and it shows you both the Lat/Long and the street address (at least, as Google Maps has it stored :-)).

It seems fairly useful, so I guess I'll use that for now until I can find a better source. The Nevada page in the Wiki links to an interactive map for Clark County. I am, so far, not having any luck locating anything like that for northern cities, so I figured I'd ask to see if there anyone else is aware of something usable in the norther part of the state.

So, any ideas, anyone? :-)

Edit: I've started finding some resources, so I'll be editing the Wiki page to update the information there. At least for the stuff I find... :D

Re: Address data available?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:49 am
by SuperDave1426
cactusmonkey1966 wrote:Google Maps should NOT really be used for addresses and is frequently innacurate for Waze purposes on the address points anyhow.

True. Even though Waze itself uses Google Maps as its primary source for address location information.... :?

BTW, CM, did you actually look at the Nevada Wiki page I referenced in first message in this thread? :mrgreen:

The Arial Photography for Clark County (Interactive GIS map/data) was the only thing on that page when I first referenced it. I've been working on it as time permits; it's gotten a bit larger now. ;)

The Nye County GIS map (interactive) is also linked to from there.

Also Pahrump Maps which show dirt road vs paved/graded:

I took a quick look at that just now - how exactly do you use it to determine address information? It only seems to show street names and parcel numbers. Am I missing something?