PuebloRiverwalk.com & Downtown District Improvements

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PuebloRiverwalk.com & Downtown District Improvements

Postby suspectvehicle » Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:21 am

Hello Pueblo Wazers,

The PuebloRiverwalk.com organization wants to work with you help improve the mapping of the Riverwalk and downtown district in order to better serve the community/businesses/local orgs in a meaningful & decentralized manner. We are hoping to improve it in a way that improves foot traffic along the various paths and better serve various local businesses and venues, including the 55,000SF expansion to the Pueblo Convention Center expected to complete in Q2 2019.

We have a fairly good understanding of how to edit the maps to establish more perfect boundaries as well as area maps for waterways, parks, footpaths, and venues. As Waze enthusiasts, we feel like this is just a good fit for helping to promote downtown Pueblo and the Riverwalk area as a destination in Colorado.

This is an area that is currently undergoing intense revitalization and new construction projects that will increase visitors, many of whom will be Wazers who prefer to navigate high-density city centers and activity hubs through their phone.

Is something that the Waze community in the Pueblo/Southern Colorado area would be receptive to? And would anyone be interested in joining us in this endeavor so that we can have have a truly collaborative, fair, and open effort that is about improving the map for the benefit of all?

If so, please reply and let us know how we can work together! We are looking forward to more contributing & improving and simply want to help as much as possible without stepping on any toes!

Thank You,
Stephen VanDyke (suspectvehicle)
Technical Lead, PuebloRiverwalk.com
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Re: PuebloRiverwalk.com & Downtown District Improvements

Postby chucksways » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:14 am

Thanks for reaching out. You are welcome to post any suggested changes in this forum. Our local editors will review and implement them within Waze guidelines. There are two area managers and our state manager watching this forum, but we are all volunteers and may take some time for us to respond, but we will respond.

You can attach permalinks (PLs) to forum posts by hovering over the chain link in the lower right corner and copying the URL. Paste that URL here along with the specific request so we know exactly what you are referring to.

There is a lot to understand before editing the map. For example, we do not map footpaths. Waze is a drive routing tool. We only map large bodies of water when they are a driving landmark. You are welcome to add landmarks or businesses yourself. We will receive a notice to review them.

For roadwork, we only close roads when there is no way to get through at all. We can implement one-way closures. Lane restrictions are not mapped. Also note, if a turn or route is legal, we will not restrict it in Waze to suit traffic control preferences. If you want a closure added, please provide the PL as described above along with the duration. A link to the project website with the closures listed is always helpful.

We look forward to working together. Again, thank you for reaching out.

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