Reduce user input

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Reduce user input

Postby Juan3141 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:42 pm

Hi all!

Waze is a great product, but from time to time it gets on my nerves!

This is the first situation: my wive phones asking me to pick up a package at some address, so I pull over and start keying the address.

Once I press the "OK" button, I'm presented with a list of possible destinations. So I punch on the correct one and start diving... but STOP! Now Waze ask me to press "GO" or else it will not start. So I'm driving now and hastily I press "GO".

OK? NOPE! :oops: Now I have to press "GO NOW" !!! Yes I'm aware that it will eventually start, but I may have to turn right now, and Waze won't direct me until the wait bar goes to 0 or I press the damn button (very dangerous, I could crash the car)!!!!

The second situation is: sometimes, when I punch the destination, Waze will think for an eternity and after that the "Something went wrong" message will appear. The problem is, that I will have to type the whole address again.

The third situation is this: while driving I watch from time to time on the map display... and at that very moment some HUGE banner pops up showing some alert. That's OK (I've enabled alerts). The problem is that I can't swipe to make it disappear! I must locate and press the tiny "back" key which is dangerous to do while driving.

The fourth situation is a variation of the third one: I'm scrolling the map with my fingers to see what is coming next (with the car stopped at a red light, for example) and then The Dreaded HUGE HUGE Alert Banner obscures the whole map !!! And it won't go away until I tap on the tiny tiny back key!! :x :x

Dear Waze team, please correct those very irritating and frustrating issues. I suggest:

Situation 1: Please add an option to allow "direct go to selected destination", so I just have to select the destination and start driving

Situation 2: Please add a BIG "Retry" button, or better yet: an "automatic retry" option.

Situation 3: Please add the swipe function do make disappear the alert banners and please make the SMALLER (or add a "banner size" option)

Situation 4: Do no display alerts while scrolling or zooming the map with the fingers. Of course, this could also be an option.

Thank you for your time reading this!!
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Re: Reduce user input

Postby vince1612 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:00 am

Juan3141 wrote:Thank you for your time reading this!!

Thank you for your time reading the guidelines posted at the top of this forum.
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Re: Reduce user input

Postby devedsmith » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:55 pm

YES. This is a great post. I too am really frustrated at how many steps it takes to navigate this app (and the app gets confused too and crashes or has to be killed).

Is there any reason why this isn't a widget yet? Seriously, it's six taps - Search (and hope that it knows what state you are in), tap Send ETA, then after waiting for the app to respond, then show the contact list, scroll to the person, check the box, tap send, then finally, Go now! This is really a waste of time when we could easily AND SAFELY use a widget with all these details saved to one tap.
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