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Re: Feature Request - Integration of Bluetooth Radar Detecto

Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:29 pm

MGODLEW wrote:It is highly unlikely that Waze will ever implement such a feature, if it won't benefit at least 80% of the community as a whole.. I would say here in the US there are less than 20% of drivers on the road with radar detector so based on that alone, how many or them use Waze? Maybe 30% at most? Keep in mind, the sole purpose of Waze is for navigating, not to help break the law or avoid getting a ticket.

I have to disagree with you on how many individuals would benefit. As stated above, by several others, automatic posting of data received by such a device would benefit the entire community, not just the individual driver with the device.

Would 80% of the community benefit personally by using it themselves? Probably not, but 100% of the people around them would get more accurate data - and it would be a hands free submission, where currently, if I don't have a passenger, I really can't report ANY traffic issue.

Re: Feature Request - Integration of Bluetooth Radar Detecto

Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:31 pm

I use both WAZE and a Valentine One radar detector for regular high speed runs between Phoenix and Albuquerque along I-40.

The radar detector is ENORMOUSLY valuable in those areas without GPS coverage. I observe that more and more police radar units hang out in these areas of no coverage. They are clearly "on to" WAZE.

Alas, with "blind spot" detection on newer cars the # of false alerts on radar detectors has skyrocketed in addition to all the other false alerts. One must "interpret" the squawks rather than blinding pumping the brakes everytime it goes off.

My honest opinion is that a radar-detector/WAZE link would be a waste of time.

The truth is, if you "only" drive 7mph over, say 82 in a 75 zone, chances are you will NOT get pulled over. If you ATTEMPT to drive 17 over, 92mph, you probably aren't going to get wherever you are going more than 10% faster than if you only did 7mph over. Why? For starters you'll have to fuel up more often. Second, slower drivers and trucks will frequently prevent you from actually DOING 92. Third, you may waste 30 minutes signing for a ticket. Lastly, the extra few minutes you spend fueling up, taking a leak, getting a soda, looking at all the stuff for sale at Loves truck stop will erase any time you saved doing that extra 10mph.

Reducing your # of stops will get you there sooner than an extra 10mph. Seriously.

Re: Feature Request - Integration of Bluetooth Radar Detecto

Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:48 pm

What I want is far simpler than the proposals I'm seeing. Hopefully someone knows a solution to my problem.

All I want is radar audio to play through my phone while waze is on top. I need this because I'm usually on a bike and so can't hear the audio from the detector internal speaker. Until now I have been running helmet speakers to the headphone jack, but it's just not loud enough, as I'm running noise isolating earbuds to my phone audio. So I just want to add the RD audio to my phone buds.

I just bought and immediately returned a max360 thinking the bluetooth would do this, but it requires their app to be on top to get the alert, or at least with waze on top I don't get the alert. And I'm not giving up waze.

Anybody know any apps or hardware to achieve this? I'd be forever in your debt! Ideally, waze would just at minimum add capability to splice in bluetooth audio from a detector or dongle cooperatively with waze on top.

Allow radar detector apps alerts audio to overlay waze

Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:01 am

I'm on a motorcycle and no way will I give up my waze, but I just wish waze would allow audio alerts via bluetooth from a radar detector, or if so, someone please tell me how.

I bought a new max360 assuming it's bluetooth would be the bomb, but running its app with the setting still give alerts if in background (or whatever it's called) checked, with waze of course running on top, I did not hear any alerts from the detector app :( and had to return it for being useful on a bike.

Re: Feature Request - Integration of Bluetooth Radar Detecto

Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:57 am

I use an older hardwired K40 radar detector. Sometimes I crank my tunes so loud that I can barely hear it chirping. Waze will interrupt and/or turn down music to report on police and cautions. Would be great to be able to route radar detector through Waze/car speakers.

Re: Feature Request - Integration of Bluetooth Radar Detecto

Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:08 am

This thread is aging, yet I don't see a conclusion, nor progress towards adding a Cobra iRadar / Escort Live bluetooth linking option to the Waze software.

As both detector brands do use a bluetooth connection, pairing should be a matter of protocol and handshaking. Either way, as the iRadar / Escort user is basically simply connecting to that device with the same smartphone, it is technically doable (it's the same hardware).

I have a Cobra iRadar 900 and an android device with data, and I would gladly contribute X/K/Ka/Laser data in this way, were it possible. This would benefit all other Wazers in my immediate area by having the same radar/laser visibility that I have, though they themselves have no detector.

I envision a pop-up in Waze at the top when a signal is detected, much like confirming for others' reports of Police. As some radar signals are speed advisory signs, and others are Police (and others altogether irrelevant) the three choices in the popup may be similar to, "False, Sign, Police", allowing the Wazer to select the appropriate item to report to Waze' database (if no report is selected, no possibly false data is added by default). A new icon(or more) could also be added to indicate a radar speed advisory sign, X/K/Ka/Laser at the location detected, etc.
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