Android: autozoom by speed on rural roads zooms out too far

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Re: Android: autozoom by speed on rural roads zooms out too

Postby st0ff » Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:11 pm

Another sorry for bumping ...

55mph is like 90kph - for Germany this is less than the speed you may travel outside of any city limits (there's a limit of 100kph, which is around 60mph). You may be on any of "Bundesstraße"(minor highway),"Landstraße"(primary street), "Kreisstraße"(street) and lower.

So maybe this "zoom out max" should be a setting the user may set. Actually I had to find out that the zoom-settings are based on the speed "number" that is displayed. So I get a full zoom-out even in town, as we may drive 50kph here and waze thinks I'm traveling at 50mph (which would be 1.6 times as fast).

Coders: please add an option to define the speed at which waze has zoomed out to the max, please add a second option to define the speed for maximum zoom-in
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