Nearby gas station name and address instead of just brand

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Nearby gas station name and address instead of just brand

Postby sehvn » Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:57 pm

Hi, I have 2 suggestions to improve usability with the gas stations feature:

1) when you select Navigate > Gas stations it brings a list of nearby gas stations, but the list mentions only the gas station brand and doesn't display the gas station name anywhere. Is this an intented behavior? It is not useful from my point of view, just to see the brands. Actually, I don't think anyone in my city in Colombia cares about the brand at all. It would be really helpful if you could display the gas station name instead of the brand, or if you really want to show the brand, do it as a 'secondary text' (something less visible than the gas station name).

I can see that Waze do show the gas station name in the US, which is what everyone would expect: ... _a_station

This is another post which gives an example of the problem: ... 17#p295817

If I know the name of the gas station I'd like to go, I would be having a trouble GUESSING which one is it from the brands list... given that I don't know which brand it is it to start with.

2) ALSO, please show the address of the gas station (For those who have it). Just like you do in the US. This gives a more valuable indication than just the distance, because you would know which direction you would have to go instead of just knowing that it is xx km away from you, but you don't know in which direction.

Thank you.
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Re: Nearby gas station name and address instead of just bran

Postby fotrik » Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:15 am

The mentioned functionality on the US server is planned for the INTL server too. Just be patient.
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