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Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Wed May 27, 2015 11:57 am

foxitrot wrote:
PesachZ wrote:
taco909 wrote:[quote="tonestertm"]It would actually be nice if unconfirmed app closure submissions were a different color, altogether, like yellow. That way, they'd stand out, and call attention for editors to confirm.

Excellent idea.
Suggest it on Centercode and I'll vote for it.

This is a wme request the suggestion should be in this forum, in the feature request sub forum. Center code is for app suggestions, but even though the reports originate in the app, the display mentioned is in wme.

But it is indeed a good idea to request it on the Centercode as well. If unconfirmed app closures were visible in the app and confirming them would require just a matter of couple of thumb-ups (instead of trying to go through the torture of defining the closure while driving in a dense traffic), it would definitely simplify things.

(I recall that the request is possibly already there, but I may be wrong.)

Sent from a touch display, which took care of perfectly scrambling my thoughts.[/quote]
These are BOTH good suggestions, but are two distinct suggestions. The problem with showing the closure in the app before its effective means some users will be frustrated to learn Waze *knew* about the closure, but routed them through it regardless (because it wasnt yet active). They may feel like Waze is purposefully using them as guinea pigs to glean accurate Intel.

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Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Fri May 29, 2015 4:30 pm

taco909 wrote:
SwenVandenberk wrote:There's an existing suggestion in Centercode to visualize in WME the closures reported through the app:
* SUG-0661 - Create User Reports in the WME for multi-day closures reported through the app

Centercode might not be the correct place to report that suggestion, but there might be something needed in the app as well to get it visible in WME so I thought it couldn't hurt...

That function should be there.
Pending closures (those not yet active due to schedule, or those entered from the app by a low-level user and not yet confirmed) display in the WME closures layer with a grey icon.
Active closures show with a red icon.

Opening the closure option on the segment (L4+) will show if it is a 1-way or a 2-way, the person reporting the closure (if L1/2/3 then the closure came from the app since they do not have access to RTC)
The end date is often "1969" or some other date that makes no sense.

But I agree that having something more clearly displayed in WME as to whether the closure is from the app and not yet confirmed, or from the RTC system is a good idea.

The whole reason for this discussion is things in wme have changed. App reported closures no longer show 1969, they say "no end date", and even before they are activated by other reports they do show the red icon.

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Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:42 pm

karlcr9911 wrote:Bug:

If you add a road closure to multiple segments simultaneously, once the edit has saved, you get the following erroneous message:


If you unselect one of the segments, only highlighting one, you see the correct message:


The message in the first attachment should read: These segments have one or more road closures. Remove all road closures to edit them.

And, you will also get this same message as shown in attachment 1 if you highlight a road segment closed and then simul-select any other non-closed road.

Multiple other SMs/CMs confirmed the same behavior in our out of your home editing area.

I confirm I experienced the same behavior inside my driving area area, as well as my managed area.

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Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:09 am

BellHouse wrote:Long standing BUG:

I know this bug has been around for a long time, and has been discussed many times. But I thought I'ld still pick it up again here, maybe it will eventually land in the right ears.

Let's take this segment:
[ img ]
Please note its timestamp of last update.

If I now change a turn restriction, so for instance I set the left turn arrow to red (and save), then the timestamp of the segment is set to the time of this edit:
[ img ]
So far so good.

But, if I now reload the map (default Ctrl-Shift-R), the timestamp before the last edit is shown again:
[ img ]

So it's now no longer possible to see, who did the last edit of that segment (including edits on the turn restrictions from that segment). Due to the fact that the timestamp IS temporarily adjusted by the edit of the turn restriction, I interpret that a change in a turn restriction is meant to be recorded in the timestamp of the originating segment. But for some reason, the update of the timestamp is not transported to the server.

Would be great if this were fixed, to be able to consequently follow-up who did the last edit on a segment.

This only affects edits of turn restrictions, other edits are recorded. I personally demonstrated this to staff at the NYC meetup, and he was surprised by it. They do know about it. Hopefully they are working on it.

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Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:53 pm

shawndoc wrote:This morning on the NA server, I can not create any closures.
"Timeout while trying to create closure in RT server -101"

Tried various segments, production WME vs Beta, had the State Manager try and he got the same error.

This was reported to staff yesterday and fixed shortly after.

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Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:08 pm

Baysidelass wrote:New editor, R2, here. As discussed in forum thread https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=149766, I and others using WME in Chrome and Firefox first noticed a change about 8-10 days ago with the Layers button. The whole button icon lights up when putting the cursor over it. Clicking the icon center produces no response. Clicking around the edges of the icon toggles the Layers menu on/off. Has anyone else had problem with the center of Layers button not working?

This was an old bug fixed a couple of months ago, it seems to have resurfaced. :(
I have experienced this too

Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:49 pm

Timbones wrote:
nzahn1 wrote:
AndyPoms wrote:@nzahn1 That's not what I'm showing for a ferry... Granted this one has "Toll" set on it, as well as TBRs & RTCs, but I'm not seeing any red...
Tried on two different computers (Win7 & iOS; Chrome; no extensions). All ferry roads are red.

Fredo-p wrote:I just made two ferry segments.

My experiments concur with that display.

There are two different road types: existing Ferry roads (14) and newly drawn Ferry roads (15).
I smell a bug...


This has been fixed (at least in NA) and all ferries are now showing the blue dots. Can you confirm this is fixed in ROW as well?

Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:32 pm

Olestas wrote:Ferries still not working in routing. Check GC forums https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.ph ... 7&start=70

I can't check the GC thread, how recent was the routing issue confirmed to still be a problem?

Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:57 pm

Timbones wrote:
PesachZ wrote:This has been fixed (at least in NA) and all ferries are now showing the blue dots. Can you confirm this is fixed in ROW as well?

Yup, new (named) Ferry segments show as blue dots, roadType = 15.
Existing Ferry segments also show as blue dots, roadType = 15.

Routing across Ferry is still broken, as demonstrated by this route. Devs are looking in to it.

It seems the broken routing is a ROW issue, We are getting ferry routes in NA. Unless it is a specific type of routing issue, I don't know exactly what was reported in that thread. Just FYI.

Re: WME v1.10 Release - Official Feedback Thread

Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:54 pm

taco909 wrote:
paulkok_my wrote:Not sure I missed anything but I do remember that if a segment is connected to higher locked rank segment, you cannot change the turn restriction. But now it's possible to change the turn restriction.

Confirmed, but only turns FROM the segment that may be edited. I can't change restrictions from the higher level segment.

This is a relatively recent change due to infrastructure changes in the back end, and is WAD. You can only change turns FROM an unlocked segment. And you obviously cannot create a new junction node on a locked segment, you can only connect to existing junction nodes.
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