feature request - Learn My Route(s)

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Re: feature request - Learn My Route(s)

Postby skapur1 » Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:41 pm

This is a "me too" request.

I have spoken to many people about GPS devices over the years and when we come around to this topic, everyone wants it but NO manufacturer implements "private routes" properly.

This feature will distinguish Waze from all the other routing systems and IMHO make it a standout product which will develop a loyal following.
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feature request - Learn My Route(s)

Postby davecampbell » Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:10 pm

i take one of two routes to work everyday and a slightly modified version of each on the way home.

i really don't want waze to figure out a route for me from Home to Work - i'm pretty much going to go the way i'm going to go, for human-factor reasons (maybe coffee, maybe i like driving by the park, etc.).

given that, i'd love for waze to work with those limited / predefined routes, and then provide:

- which of the two morning routes is better RIGHT NOW.
- same for evening, of course
- give me only heads-up about stuff that is actually on my chosen route. i don't care and don't want to be distracted by events that are even 400 ft perpindicular to my route, if it isn't ON my route.

i assume a route is defined as an ordered list of coordinates. i think waze can 'capture' that, if it lets me hit START and then STOP in a Learning Mode.

if not, i can provide the kml file from google latitude.

as a matter of fact - why can't waze just look at my google latitude, and figure out these oft-traveled 'routes'?

but i wouldn't mind providing them if necessary.

i think there are a bunch of these features in the biking apps - maybe look there for ideas.

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