Everything is slow

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Everything is slow

Postby Vitmar » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:29 am

For some time now the map editor (world) has been slow. Some weeks ago it was impossible to do any editing at all because you could not select segments or even save changes you did. That seem to have been fixed, but now it takes days to get your own drives into the editor.
For me it is like this, I pick a day when I think I can spend some hours editing Waze. First I drive the path I want to fix and then when I get home, I can see my drive and what to fix through the reporting Ive done. Or it used to be like that because now I can wait a full day or two before the drive pops up, and in some cases someone else has already removed the reports so that I cannot see if it has been fixed or not.
If you cannot improve the editor speed I think that you will loose editing Wazers. Maybe you could at least set up a dedicated server for Area Managers and above?
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