How long before added? Submitted 7/23 Ramp closed in June

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How long before added? Submitted 7/23 Ramp closed in June

Postby LAA55 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:36 pm

I think I did this correctly but if I'm missing a step I want to make sure I do it. I requested to add the event (I35E Corridor Projects in St Paul, MN), received the shared spreadsheet from Gal Oliva, and added the data to the spreadsheet 7/23. Now I'm just wondering how long before the ramp closures are added to Waze, or before I am notified that additional info is needed?
--UPDATE: No reply was ever received, but the changes have been made.
--NOTE: You can't tell by looking at the live map that the ramps are closed, but it now finds alternate routes. It would be much more helpful if it showed the construction barricade icon on the ramps like it does in Minneapolis construction areas. I don't know if it's just the St Paul, MN area, but Waze does not seem to show many of the construction projects at all.
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