Reporting Progressive Road Closures Due to Construction?

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Re: Reporting Progressive Road Closures Due to Construction?

Postby foxitrot » Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:36 am

Without having the information, you can off course only report a guessed end time. If you later notice that the works have already moved on to the next street stretch, you can notify any local higher-ranked editors to replace the old closures in the related MTE with the new ones.

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Reporting Progressive Road Closures Due to Construction?

Postby NinjaFuzzyPaws » Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:31 pm


I'm a bit confused on how to report road closures due to construction.

I reported a road closure using the app yesterday, and today I received an e-mail saying it was approved, but that the Waze Team needed more details. I also received a Google Doc, in which I need to place a permalink to the map segments.

That part I'm ok with, but my confusion comes from having to enter the closing date and time information.

Unfortunately, I just live near the construction. I don't work on the construction team, so I have no idea when they are going to move down the road. This construction is due to my local water district replacing sewer pipes along a 1.5 mile stretch of road. They block off about two blocks worth of road at a time, and once they finish with that section, then they move down the road. However, the construction means that the speed limit is reduced and the west-bound traffic is reduced to 1 lane. Also, anyone driving west, can't turn left from this road onto side streets (hence the road closures).

I have no idea how to report any of this using the spreadsheet. All I know is that they started this in May and they plan to be done by the end of August. If anyone can help clarify this for me, that would be very helpful.
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