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[Script] WME Place Interface Enhancements

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WME Place Interface Enhancements

Version: 2019.06.12.01

Greasyfork: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/26340-wme-place-interface-enhancements

Description: WMEPIE modifies the interface to provide additional functionality for Places. Options are available to show the size of area Places (configurable to display imperial and/or metric), display lock buttons on RPPs and show crosshairs in the information panel for a place so you can center & zoom on it (zoom level being configurable).
Newly created Places have additional options as well. Editing a RPPs address can happen automatically after creation (and focus in the House Number field) when created from the Residential Place option in the new Place menu (see below). The street name and city name can be pulled into a new Place's address automatically as well.

Modifying the Place menu itself is the most powerful feature of this script. The PIE menu allows you to customize each of the items in the new Place menu to be whatever category you desire! The category change happens real-time - when you change an option in the PIE settings the menu is updated with your selection; no need to refresh your window/browser. The new Place menu should look identical to stock WME (including Point/Area selection) with the exception of setting the categories that you actually want & use the most, instead of only parent categories!

With this customization, Residential is an option as well. Residential and Parking Lot, as should be expected, do not give the option to choose point or area - Residential are always points and Parking Lots are always areas.

While creating area Places, it is now possible to undo/redo node placements and finish the drawing without double clicking to place the final node. You will be able to undo down to the first node that was placed. Pressing Enter will finish drawing the place with the currently set nodes - ignoring the one that has not yet been placed.
Screenshot - 1_12_2017 , 11_10_04 AM.png
Dedicated shortcuts are provided for creating residential and parking lot places, due to request. The default shortcuts for these are Alt+r and Alt+p, respectively. These can be customized via the Keyboard shortcuts menu as seen below.
Screenshot - 1_16_2017 , 4_47_15 PM.png
Both the WME Area Place Size and WME Residential Place Option should be disabled/removed with this script installed.

Parking Space Estimator how to: here

Google Link Enhancer explained: here


Code: Select all

2019-06-12 - 2019.06.12.01 - Added support for saving/loading settings from the server.
2019-05-31 - 2019.05.31.01 - Disabling Google Link Enhancer when in Event mode
2019-03-25 - 2019.03.25.03 - Google Link Enhancer on-map color highlighting is restored (red/closed, teal/far from GM POI, etc.).
2019-03-25 - 2019.03.25.02 - Added an option to hide Place names for hidden Places (hidden by the filter or shortcut to hide area Places)
2019-03-25 - 2019.03.25.01 - "Enlarge geometry handles" now also enlarges the virtual geo handle.
2019-03-22 - 2019.03.22.01 - Added option to enlarge geometry handles
2019-03-18 - 2019.03.18.02 - Fixing the parking space estimator tool.  Making the area Place Waze coordinate parsing more versatile.
2019-03-14 - 2019.03.14.01 - Google Link Enhancer re-enabled with most functionality now working.
2019-02-18 - 2019.02.18.01 - Updating for latest WazeWrap & implementing WW's new Events
2019-02-14 - 2019.02.14.01 - Moving selecting the new RPP to after setting the city and street name due to bug in the interface where it does not update if the address is set via script.
2019-02-05 - 2019.02.05.01 - Bug fixes:
hours parser was not displaying
pla/copy/locator buttons were not displaying

Removed the Nav point link option that has been disabled for over a year: not going to re-implement
2019-01-28 - 2019.01.28.01 - Adding option to enable/disabling hiding the shopping / services sub category suggestions.
PUR handling in the Photo Viewer - this will allow handling of new Place PURs and picture PURs
2019-01-22 - 2019.01.22.01 - Removing RPP lock levels and EEP jump button - implemented natively in production as of 2019-01-22
2019-01-17 - 2019.01.17.01 - Updating Google Link Enhancer - now draws a line and highlights the Places with the duplicated Google link
Adding hiding of the suggested categories when the category is set to Shopping / Services
No longer displaying Places in the Photo Viewer that are outside of your editable area
2019-01-08 - 2019.01.08.01 - Disabling some features in beta that were implemented natively
2018-12-15 - 2018.12.15.01 - Added phase 1 of whitelist support
2018-12-03 - 2018.12.03.01 - Adding option for preventing the Photo Viewer display from re-flowing as items are deleted & prettying up the Photo Viewer settings panel a little
2018-11-27 - 2018.11.27.01 - Fixed the new Places layer, broken due to WME update.  Released the Photo Viewer tool.
2018-08-21 - 2018.08.21.01 - Some Geometry support added for MCs
2018-08-20 - 2018.08.20.01 - Intermediate release with Place geometry window
2018-06-06 - 2018.06.06.01 - Adding the ability to simplify the Place's geometry (with accompanying keyboard shortcut)

Adding shortcuts for all of the new Place menu options
2018-06-07 - 2018.06.07.01 - Simplify factor is now hooked up to save/load and is used in the simplification algorithm.
2018-05-22 - 2018.05.22.01 - Added a button to clear area Place geometry.
2018-05-18 - 2018.05.18.01 - Orthogonalize! Rotate! Resize! Woo!  All these are now possible for area Places in the Geometry section (Woo not included).
2018-05-14 - 2018.05.14.01 - Added an option to hide the Payment Type section on parking lots when the Cost is set to Free.
2018-05-08 - 2018.05.08.01 - Added a "Make primary" button next to alt names that swaps the alt and the primary names.
2018-04-16 - 2018.04.16.01 - Adding option to display the pending PUR for a Place upon Place selection
2018-03-12 - 2018.03.12.01 - Implemented MapOMatic's Google Link Enhancer library
2018-02-13 - 2018.02.13.01 - The entryExitPoint automatically created by PIE is now adjustable before saving the newly created RPP.
2018-01-16 - 2018.01.16.02 - Implementing the WMEPH hours parser.  Woo!  In collaboration with MapOMatic, WMEPH and PIE will now share the hours parser library.  First step in moving some WMEPH features into PIE.
2017-12-06 - 2017.12.06.01 - Enabling the Residential Place layer when creating a RPP from the PIE new Place menu
2017-12-01 - 2017.12.01.01 - Fixing a bug in WME beta where new RPPs couldn't pull the closest segement's name or city & it couldn't automatically edit the RPP after creation due to a timing issue with some backend objects.
2017-11-27 - 2017.11.27.01 - Place filtering - Can set a regex filter to hide all Places where the name matches the filter, or only show Places where the name matches the filter.
2017-11-24 - 2017.11.24.01 - Removed entryexitpoint linking - a recent WME update changed something and it is no longer functioning correctly and I haven't been able to get it working again.
2017-10-29 - 2017.10.29.01 - Various bug fixes over the past several days - exiting HN edit mode was rebuilding the stock Place menu, Place names would not show for some people
2017-10-26 - 2017.10.26.01 - Various bug fixes
2017-10-24 - 2017.10.24.01 - Updated to work with the recent WME update + new script version numbering scheme.
2017-08-30 - 1.02.20 - Shortcut (ctrl+shift+a) added to toggle hiding/displaying area places (thanks tonestertm for the suggestion!)
2017-08-26 - 1.02.17 - External providers section hidden for <= R2 editors since it is an R3+ feature
2017-08-15 - 1.02.11 - Added nav point linking to point Places
2017-07-27 - 1.02.10 - Bugfix: Parking Space Estimator tool. Feature: Adding Map Comment geometry reshaping back in
2017-07-26 - 1.02.09 - RPP now create an entryExitPoint upon creation
2017-07-21 - 1.02.07 - Website label is now a clickable link to launch the set website
2017-07-20 - 1.02.06 - Closest Segment line should now find FW segments
2017-06-30 - 1.02.04 - Display the Closest Segment line when the Place is selected
2017-06-28 - 1.02.02 - Added an option for displaying the nav point and closest segment lines when hovering over a Place
2017-06-23 - 1.02.00 - Parking Space Estimator tool released.  Fixed various small bugs
2017-06-13 - 1.01.11 - Prev/Next buttons on image dialog
2017-06-09 - 1.01.10 - Added delete button to Place image dialog
2017-06-05 - 1.01.09 - Added option to move the HN entry before the Street entry in the address edit panel.  "Free" cost type is selected by default when creating a PLA using the PLA button. 
2017-06-02 - 1.01.08 - Added option to move the address to the top of the properties panel
2017-05-18 - 1.01.06 - Added option to force a production PL when copying the PL from the crosshair.
2017-05-10 - 1.01.02 - Choose your own Place name font look!  Ability to customize Place name font color, size, border size, and border color added.
2017-05-05 - 1.01.00 - Je parle français!  French translations added.  Changed the Place name text so it is hopefully easier on the eyes.  Pressing CTRL+C over the crosshair on a selected place will copy the PL for that Place centered on screen, at the zoom level defined in settings.  Starting to create a PLA will force that layer on.
2017-04-29 - 1.00.04 - Added option to display a clear button for the description box
2017-04-25 - 1.00.00 - Translation support based upon WME Language setting. Spanish Latin America translations added.
2017-04-21 - 0.9.15 - Added separate option for displaying PLA names
2017-04-18 - 0.9.13 - Added the ability to display a tooltip with the External Provider information
2017-04-17 - 0.9.12 - Bug fixes - When copying a Place, the street name was not copying and PLA attributes were not copying.
2017-04-13 - 0.9.11 - Added the ability to copy a Place!  The copied Place will have "(copy)" appended to the name (you can't have two of the same places too close to each other) and all properties of the place should be copied over (except images and the nav point for area places).
Fixed a couple bugs and other small tweaks.
2017-04-11 - 0.9.02 - Area places will display their name down at zoom 3+, place points at zoom 5+.  RPPs will display the HN for the name.  If an actual name is assigned to the RPP, it will be displayed after the HN
2017-04-10 - 0.9.00 - Added ability to display Place names
2017-04-05 - 0.8.04 - Removed copying url and phone from the Place when using the PLA button.  Added the ability to create the suggested PLA area from Missing Parking Lot MPs
2017-03-27 - 0.8.01 - Added Parking Lot Button which will display on places, and aide in the creation of single-business-single-lot PLAs.
2017-03-24 - - (Beta only) Added flagging for Places using the old hospital category
2017-03-23 - 0.7.8 - Compatibility tweaks for recent WME changes.  Added crosshair for RPPs
2017-03-08 - - Place category translations
2017-03-08 - - Fixed a bug where the RPP lock buttons were being attached more than once due to new a new beta feature.
2017-01-30 - 0.7.7 - Added an option to ignore PLRs & unnamed PRs when creating new Places and using the closest segment's name and/or city.
2017-01-27 - 0.7.6 - Added an option to display the Place categories as buttons about the Categories entry, including a button to clear the current categories. Parking lot and residential will not display as a button due to these types being unique.
2017-01-26 - 0.7.5 - Added an option to display a search button next to a Place's address which will load the address into the search box.
2017-01-25 - 0.7.4 - Added category icons to the Place menu.  Each selected place will display the icon for its parent category.  Added an option for new places to pull the city name from the segment's alt name when the primary is set to "No city".
2017-01-16 - 0.7.3 - Added dedicated shortcuts for creating residential Places and Parking Lot Places.  The default shortcuts are Alt+r & Alt+p, respectively.  These can be customized via the Keyboard shortcuts menu.
2017-01-15 - 0.7.0 - Added a default lock level option when creating new places.
2017-01-12 - 0.6.0 - Added support for ctrl+z (undo), ctrl+y (redo) & Enter while creating an area place.  Undo will remove the last set node, redo will add it back in.  Enter will create the Place with the current set geometry, not including the currently un-drawn point.
2017-01-12 - Initial release



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Post by Inactive user -1673857766-
Thanks for all the work on great scripts.

It seems that PIE is no longer picking up the alt city from the closest segment even when I click right beside the closest segment. I use that all the time for RPPs with the ALT-R shortcut. Thanks.

CORRECTION: It appears that it fails to pick only some specific alt cities.

It will not pick up the alt city "Silverton" on any street: https://waze.com/editor?env=usa&lat=44. ... s=41392581

But it will pick up "Salem" on the next segment: https://waze.com/editor?env=usa&lat=44. ... s=41392582

Same problem with another city in Oregon, Lebanon.

Any ideas?
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Post by Inactive user -1687853372-

The PIE script no longer works on my 2 computers.

It is indeed active in tampermonkey, but its menu does not appear.

Is it the same for you ?
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Post by Inactive user -1687853372-
Thanks for the quick resolution !
it's hard to live without ;)
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Post by aamazotr
Today a new version has come out, I hope that it solves the errors presented with the WME, it is an excellent script.
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Post by aamazotr
JustinS83 wrote:
lg1992 wrote:I noticed a new control in the upper-left corner of the map. After enabling/disabling add-ons, I've found that PIE shows this control. What is it for? Nothing happens when I click it.
thanks for the information, yesterday I also saw that symbol.
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Post by abc1357
JustinS83 wrote:
Olestas wrote:Well.. if I enable PIE, edit counts monitor goes into categories ;]
Can you provide a screenshot showing the issue?
I'm not Olestas, but I see the issue also. Edit Count Monitor shows up in "Other". Note that this is not 100% reproducible, as there have been times that Edit Count Monitor and PIE work without problems.
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