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Post by EdjOne
Hi developer! I have one request/suggestion. First of all, nice script, thanks for it. So, as you know, if we select 2 segments and made closure, we have still open door for cross traffic. Could you please add to your script some futures. Idea is to add some checkbox which will automatically select cross roads and add to them same closures as for main selection A to B. Hope you understood my point of view. This is a link to a problem caused by cross of main closure http://prntscr.com/nwkq88
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Post by dude463
EdjOne, what I do is select all of the cross segments that you want to close when you create the closure. There are instances when you'll get most cross segments needing to be closed but a few key ones authorities purposely keep open.
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First I learned how to draw lines on a map. Now I must learn the art of Feng-ShWaze.

Post by dude463
May I suggest for WME Advanced Closures the ability to remove closures with the tool. i.e. nightly closures are set for 7 days a week for 3 months but you later find out that there's no work Sat & Sun. Either you manually find all Sat & Sun closures and delete them or you delete all and reset the correct ones.
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First I learned how to draw lines on a map. Now I must learn the art of Feng-ShWaze.

Post by dspille
theMadcabbie wrote:Is anyone else finding that the script isn't working since the last WME update?
It's still working fine for me.
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Post by dude463
Thanks for the update, it's invaluable.
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First I learned how to draw lines on a map. Now I must learn the art of Feng-ShWaze.

Post by dspille
There are two fields for duration... the top one is for days (leave it at 0), and the one below for hours:minutes (use that one).
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Post by doctorkb
Feature request: expand repeatability to accommodate for Waze having removed restrictions on duration and future-dated closures.

Use case: road that is closed for June, July, and August every year. Would like to be able to set 92 day closure starting June 1, repeated every year for the next 10 years.
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Post by dfrios
WazDev wrote:Original Script Thread

The original author, dummyd2, of this script stepped away from Waze and left the future maintenance to the WazeDev group. The below description is copied from the original script thread.

Install the WazeDev maintained version from the new Greasyfork: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/370072-wme-advanced-closures

The script adds a tab (slashed road) in the left panel, and a highlight on the map.

In the panel:
a button "add advanced closure"
a button "parse CSV" with a log console.

In the closure panel of a segments selection: a button "add advanced closure".
  1. Add advanced closure

    opens a window to generate recurrent closures.
    The window is draggable through its title. To reset the position, click again the button.
    • Range (start date and end date) is the time range on which all closures will apply. In other words, the script will not generate closures before and after this range.
    • Start and duration:
      start is the start time of the closure un a day
      duration is the duration of the closure
    • Description: free text
    • Direction: on a multiple selection, it is the same direction as shown on the map.
    • Ignore traffic
    • (new in V1.1) MTE: MTE list of MTE loaded in WME and whose dates overlaps the defined range
    • Then, choose a tab:
      • Repeat:
        • Times: the closure count
        • Every: duration between the start date/time of a closure and the start date/time of the text closure
      • Each:
        day of the week of the start date/time (if the duration exceeds midnight, the end date/time will be the next day (or some days after), the closure will be applied even if the day of the closure end is not checked)
      • (new in V1.1) Holidays: holidays list based on holidayapi.com. You must select at least 1 segment before to detect the country, and then, click on "Refresh holidays". If your country is not supported, you can contribute to holidayapi.com. The country abbreviation in WME is not the same as holidayapi.com. So we may need to translate it in the code to get it work. Let us know!
    • The save tab allows you to save all presets but the range and MTE, and to load them.
      New in V1.1: closure details loaded from an existing closure: select 1 segment. If more than 1 segment is selected, closures a read from the first segment only.
    • Once all set correctly, the preview area will show all closures ready to apply. It shows error messages and an orange warning if a closure overlaps on an existing closure, and if a closure is not included in dates of the selected MTE (tooltiptext for details).
    • Select segments
    • Then, apply. The preview will print OK or error messages. Before clicking on apply, choose the right tab (Repeat or Each). After the process, the script will select all segments and open the closure tab in the left panel.
    Cases studies:

    Every day from 12:00 to 14:00 between 13/06 and le 26/06 included
    range: 2016-06-13 -> 2016-06-26
    start: 12:00
    duration: 2:00
    Repeat: 500 times (the script will not create closure after the range end)
    Every: 24:00

    From monday to friday, from 20:00 to 06:00 the next day, from June to December:
    range: 2016-06-01 2016-12-31
    start: 20:00
    duration: 10:00
    Each: mon, tue, wed, thu, fri
  2. CSV

    apply closures defined in a CSV file.
    New in V1.1: added a column (requiered) MTE ID before 'comment'. Keep empty if no MTE.

    Code: Select all

    header,reason,start date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm),end date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm),direction (A to B|B to A|TWO WAY),ignore trafic (Yes|No),segment IDs (id1;id2;...),lon/lat (like in a permalink: lon=xxx&lat=yyy),zoom (2 to 10),MTE ID,comment (optional)
    add,"Closure test, by dummyd2","2016-05-27 00:00","2016-05-28 00:00","A to B",Yes,"297004533;297004532","lon=25.53629&lat=-76.47602",6,
    add,"Closure test 2, by dummyd2","2016-05-29 00:00","2016-05-30 00:00","B to A",No,"297004533;297004532","lon=25.53629&lat=-76.47602",6,,It's cold here...
    • If the fisrt column starts with 'add' or 'remove', it is processed by the script. (new in V1.1: remove is now supported)
    • Any other keyword is ignored, including 'header'.
    • The, the format is described in the header.
    • You must ensure that the map zoom is wide enough to "see" all segments. So, the same CSV can work fine on a screen with a big resolution and doesn't work on another computer with a lower resolution.
    1. Open CSV file
    2. The closure list will display under the button
    3. You can test segments: check all closures and click on "check segments". The script will simulate a map move on the lon/lat positions and zoom provided in the CSV, check if segments exists, if you have permissions to make closures on it, and warn you if your closure will overlap an existing closure.
    4. On each closure:
      • target will move the map and select segments (will not apply the closure)
      • the arrow -> will move the map and apply the closure (will not select segments)
    5. Click 'Apply' to apply all checked closures
    If texts are cut, see the tooltiptext
    A mini-log under each closure displays informations about the closure itself. The log under the list is global to all closures.

    BE CAREFUL: closures are applied on segments ONE BY ONE. This means the direction A->B (or B->A) is not always the one shown on WME when selecting multiple segments!
    So if you have more than one segment to close in one way, you may need to setup 2 closures: one with segments A->B, and another with segments B->A.
  3. Highlight
    Closures made by this script are identified by a non-breaking space added at the end of description. If so, the script adds a "road" icon on the map. This non-breaking space is invisible on the app.
Hi guys. I noticed holidays feature is not working for Colombia. I don't know it's because you need to translate it to the HolidayAPI code to get it works. Please let me know how I may help you.

Thanks in advance.
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Post by dizzie131
Parsing a csv has stopped working.

Trial and error shows that the issue may have to do with the fact that Waze have changed the zoom layer in the URL.

Old zoom URL: 

Code: Select all

New zoom URL: 

Code: Select all

When you manually overwrite the URL and change the zoom to be the old format, the import works. However when you run the script to apply the closures, it has the "segs KO: Communication failed with Waze" error.

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Post by dewitg
Covid restrictions are reduced in many countries at the same time sporting and social concentrations grow up
We need your help
Thanks for your great effort
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