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Re: [Script] WME Color Highlights - 1.98 Dec 2014

PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:09 pm
by davielde
ranttine wrote:Feature request: highlight road segments with an elevation that differs from ground level. Even better if its different color for negative levels and positive levels.

Are you using WME Toolbox? That highlight exists there in the exact manner you mention.

Re: [Script] WME Color Highlights - 1.98 Dec 2014

PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:43 pm
by davielde
bz2012 wrote:A recent WME update seemed to break something.
WME FC color highlights 0.6.2 (from greasy fork, installed via tampermonkey) seems to now conflict with WME toolbox 1.5.6
When WME FC color highlights is 'enabled' in tampermonkey, the 'Toolbox Highlight Layers' pop-up is empty.

Disabling WME FC colorhighlights 'fixes' the problem.

This is a different and unrelated script from WMECH. We can shift this discussion to that thread, but I am not able to replicate the issue in Chrome between the FC highlights and Toolbox. More details are needed.

Re: [Script] WME Color Highlights - 1.98 Dec 2014

PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:13 pm
by davielde
Olestas wrote:Can you please add Specific Street name highlighting? Similar to city highlight?

Can a Validator custom check be used?

Re: [Script] Highlights for Segments & Landmarks - v1.6 Feb

PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:38 am
by daxigua
Can someone explain the meaning of:

Filter by City (Yellow)

Why 'invalid state' when there is nil function to add a state?

Maybe this is nothing to do with the script, but more to do with Waze?

I see very big problems ahead, in China it is: province, county, city, area, street.

Many cities have the same street names, some cities in romanised english (pinyin) are identical, thus Taizhou is a city in three different provinces... fun in the future indeed!


Re: [Script] Colour Highlights for Segments - v1.6.2 Apr 201

PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:06 am
by daxigua
Thanks for the small update Timbones.

I hope Waze can work on adding states/ provinces for China.


Re: [Script] Colour Highlights for Segments - v1.6.2 Apr 201

PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:16 pm
by daxigua
Timbones wrote:waiting 3 years

Not a good sign, as I think this is a disaster already happened.

I guess an expensive database guru might be able to rectify this.

This 'missing feature' is an important task, thus I hope some posts like these gets some money well spent _now_, not 'later'

Sorry for stirring the pot with my frustration.


Re: [Script] Colour Highlights for Segments - 1.8 Feb 2014

PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:07 pm
by dbraughlr
We now have a wiki page and a discussion thread.

Re: [Script] WME Color Highlights - 2.22 Feb 2017

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:22 am
by dchary2418
I had a segment cloned when deleting a junction node. This happens after 20-30 edits in an editing session ... ,506872365


Re: [Script] Colour Highlights for Segments - v1.6.2 Apr 201

PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:21 pm
by dippyflint
I believe that is an incorrectly named road. looking at the screenie it says "St Andrew St" That will come out in TTS as "Street Andrew Street". think it needs a "." after the first ST. and the dash will go away.

Re: [Script] Highlights for Segments & Landmarks - v1.6 Feb

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:49 am
by DisplayName
First things first: thanks for this script! I've been editing on and off but recently I've really gotten into it; this and the URO are great tools.

I noticed that the text over at lists a "Filter by Editor" function that is available for area managers. Is it possible to let regular editors have access to this as well? Maybe just for their own user name? Or, can you provide a "Highlight My Edits" function?

You see, whenever I fix something I always look around the area to see if anything needs a little tidying up, if you will... okay, the fact is, I can't control my need for precision and order! If I see a sloppy, converted pave, node-filled street, I have to delete the nodes and make it pretty. If there's a road that's closer to the sidewalk than the center of the street, I have to line it up. The next thing I know, I've aligned an entire neighborhood with the aerials and removed hundreds upon hundreds of useless nodes. Ahh, a thing of beauty. Anyway, I typically use the unsaved (orange) segments as an indicator of where I've been but when you get too many edits stacked up saving can have problems. Saving often is a must but, then I lose my place. Being able to highlight what I've done in an area would allow me to save and move on quickly.

Lastly: RevCons? SelfCons? Can someone tell me what these terms mean?