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Post by berestovskyy
WME Validator Changelog:

- Glodenox: fixes for the latest WME version

- Glodenox: fixes for the latest WME version

- paulvdwyn: update Motorway naming for BE

- davidakachaos: updated Wiki links for BE/NL

- davidakachaos: fixes for the latest WME

- davidakachaos: Added new places checks!
- davidakachaos: Added Dutch translations for places checks
- other minor fixes
Please report any issues/suggestions on the forum:

- luc45z: update PL abbreviations

- jangliss: Fix for layer refresh if layer did not trigger update
- jangliss: Add lock checks for railroad and private roads

- berestovskyy: hot fix for login issue
- berestovskyy: fixed audio for Google Chrome

- berestovskyy: hot fixes for the latest WME

- davidakachaos: fix streets isolated by ramps
- davidakachaos: fix recover from preference change
- davidakachaos: add road closures to fix #36 and #37
- davidakachaos: fix speed limit issues on borders

- berestovskyy: fix check 38 Expired segment restrictions
- davidakachaos: fix check 36, 37 Unneeded node A/B

- davidakachaos: fix 220 for Restricted Gates
- davidakachaos: minor fixed for unverified speed limits

- davidakachaos: add exceptions for speed limit checks
- davidakachaos: adjust reports in segment properties
- davidakachaos: fix restrictions bug
- carloslaso: add Mexico localization
- other minor changes

- berestovskyy: add custom check variables: speedLimit,
speedLimitAB, speedLimitBA and checkSpeedLimit
- berestovskyy: ignore speed limits issues on streets and ramps.
Please use custom checks instead.

Also commit redirecting links to Wazeopedia is reverted. Seems most of the links work now, but might point to an outdated page on wiki though.

- davidakachaos: new checks for unverified/unset/wrong speed limit
- davidakachaos: enabled/adjusted some checks for NL

- davidakachaos: fix "Show report" and other pop up windows
- davidakachaos: new check #220 "No connection for public segment"
- davidakachaos: fix revalidate segment after an edit
- davidakachaos: fix checks related to restrictions
- other minor fixes

- davidakachaos: fix switching to/from event mode
- davidakachaos: fix "unneeded node" for segments with different speeds
- davidakachaos: fix WMECH integration bug

- add GreasyFork release script
- disable checks 114 and 115 (drivable & non-drivable)

- davidakachaos: transfer NL translations from Greasyfork
- other minor changes

- First public open source release (BETA)

03.11.2016 v1.1.20:
- Fixed #23 Unconfirmed road

04.06.2016 v1.1.19:
- Fixed WME Beta
- Fixed icons in segment properties
- The work is still in progress...

02.06.2016 v1.1.18:
- Fixed Firefox browser
- Added Validator tab

01.06.2016 v1.1.17:
- Fixed (some) icons
- Fixed (some) event handlers

29.01.2016 v1.1.16:
- Fixed Firefox browser (thanks to Glodenox)
- Updated CZ localizations

13.12.2015 v1.1.15:
- Updated US and CZ localizations

17.11.2015 v1.1.14:
- Updated styles to match the latest WME
- Updated for PL #171 and #52
- Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation'

16.11.2015 v1.1.13:
- Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation'
- Added 'At the bottom' option

05.11.2015 v1.1.10:
- Updated for US #171 'Incorrect abbreviation'
- Minor update: latest WME compatibility.
- Removed 'Two-way segments by default' option

06.01.2015 v1.1.6:
- Updated for PL #171 'Street name abbreviations'
- Disabled for IL #109 'Too short segment'

06.01.2015 v1.1.5:
- Temporary disabled #36, 37 (Unneded node A/B)
- Fixed the crash on a new segment save

07.10.2014 v1.1.3:
- Updated Polish translations thanks to Zniwek
- Enabled for ES #130-133 'Custom lock levels'
- Updated #114 and #115 'Non-drivable connected to
drivable': excluded Railroads

01.10.2014 v1.1.2:
- Disabled for IL #28 'Street name on two-way Ramp'
- Updated Polish abbreviations
- Fixed custom checks #135-139
- Updated Spanish translations thanks to robindlc
- Enabled for NL #150-154 'Lock levels'
- Updated segment properties UI

30.08.2014 v1.1.1:
- Fixed 'Two-way segments by default' option

29.08.2014 v1.1.0:
- Compatibility with beta WME
Note: some checks are still disabled
- Updated for BE #160 'Incorrect Freeway name'
- Disabled for IL #91 'Two-way Ramp segment'
- Removed 1 sec startup delay introduced in v0.6.2

24.08.2014 v1.0.4:
- Temporary disabled #44, #45 and #50.
Note: some other checks might not work as well.
- Updated Polish translations
- Increased number of custom checks (#130-139)

04.08.2014 v1.0.3:
- Disabled #200, #201, #300, #301 'Unconfirmed turn' for dead-ends
- Disabled #77 'Dead-end U-turn'
- Fixed tabs for small fonts
- Other minor bugfixes

04.07.2014 v1.0.2:
- Complete Hebrew translation thanks to gad_m
- Minor UI changes for right-to-left languages
- Changed keyboard shortcut to 'Alt+V'

25.06.2014 v1.0.1:
- Disabled for IL #52 'Too long street name'
- Disabled for IL #41, #42 'Reverse connectivity'
- Fixed for IL WME Beta
- Separated Mexico from Spain

26.05.2014 v1.0.0:
- Re-enabled #150 for AR and CL
- Disabled for IL #115 'Non-drivable connected to drivable'
- Temporarily disabled #74 'Multiple segments at r-about'
(the check will be updated in one of the next releases)
- Updated #52 'Too long street name': 30 letters by default
- Updated #171 for PL: polish abbreviations
- Fixed wiki links for checks #114/115
- Fixed #36/37 'Unneeded node A/B' for country names
- Fixed leading spaces in custom RegExps
- Fixed: unable to remove debug flag for custom checks
- Added new custom template variables:
'${deadEndA/B}' and '${partialA/B}'
- Google Analytics (I'll share the statistics later)
- Added license

27.04.2014 v0.9.9:
- Fixed #190 for Cyrillic letters
- Fixed false positive in #171 for FR: 'Rue du Mal Assis'
- Fixed #36 and #37 'Unneeded node' for partial nodes
- Improvements in Settings->About->Available checks
- Temporarily disabled #79 'Too short U-turn connector'

15.04.2014 v0.9.8:
- Fixed #24 filtering in 'Reported as' field
- Fixed #173 'No space after abbreviation' for '11.'
- Fixed segment length for newly created segments

08.04.2014 v0.9.7:
- Fixed #170 'Lowercase street name'
- New for US #106 'No state name selected'
- Disabled skips of locked segment

07.04.2014 v0.9.5:
- Validator now skips locked segments, so the locks may
be used to hide issues for low-level users.
- New faster 'Show report' method (Chrome only)
- Layers param in permalinks in report
- other changes, see the forum post

30.03.2014 v0.9.4:
- Complete French translation of UI and checks.
Many thanks to arbaot and ClementH44!
- New variables for custom checks:
${altCity[index or delimeter]}
${altStreet[index or delimeter]}
- Fixed bug with highlighting at the screen edges
Added 5 new checks #150-#154 for lock levels
Removed: #65, #66, #67, #70, #71, #72, #76, #96, #97,
and #122

25.03.2014 v0.9.3:
- Complete Spanish translation of UI and checks.
Languages: Español, Español América Latina and Galego
Many thanks to robindlc and fernandoanguita!
Removed: #9, #11, #12, #75, #106 (duplicate/unused)
Added params to:
#52 'More than ${n} letters long street name'
#112 'More than ${n} letters long Ramp name'

- Check parameters are listed now in
'Settings->About->Available checks'
- Disabled nulls in #116 'Out of range elevations'

22.03.2014 v0.9.2:
- Updated #116 'Out of range elevation' for nulls
- New option 'Report external highlights'

20.03.2014 v0.9.0:
- New user-defined custom checks in Settings->Custom
- New 5 custom checks #130 - #134 for localization
- Validator now generates packages for dependent

- Fixed non-editable filter option
- Fixed localization packs for Firefox
- Fixed 'Non-drivable connected to drivable' for very
long segments
- Removed 'Toolbox/WMECH: Report highlighted segments'
(now it is on by default)
- Fixed lost TODO labels on upgrade package
- Fixed 'Highlight issues on the map' menu item
- Fixed #57 for other countries (was just enabled for PL)
- other minor changes/fixes

14.03.2014 v0.8.3:
- Updated #106 for PL 'Unneeded name on one-way Ramp'
- Renamed some checks to 'Node A/B: ...'
- Fixed: auto-disable slow checks on zoom levels 0-3

09.03.2014 v0.8.2:
- Auto-disable slow checks at zoom levels 0-3
- Fixed severities for some checks (Unneeded node)

- Updated #36 and #37 'Unneeded node A/B' for U-turns
- Updated 'Unneeded node A/B' for partial nodes
- NEW for AR: 'Street name matches the RegExp' (calle)
you may use localization pack to set the RegExp for
your country
- Disabled for AR #56 'Incorrect word in street name'

- HOTFIX 'Too many issues' note in properties (v0.8.1)

08.03.2014 v0.8.0:
- Support for localization packages
- Package Wizard: Settings->About->Wizard
- Auto-pause if there are more than 20K of segments
- 'Too many issues' note in segment's properties
- 'Validator is disabled' note in segment's properties

- NEW for BeNeLux #122 'Incorrect Primary street lock'
- Enabled for AR #56 'Incorrect word in street name'
word 'calle'
- Fixed #38 and #39 'Expired restrictions'
- Updated #98 'Street name with spaces only':
street name with just a dot
- Enabled/disabled few checks for spanish countries
- Updated spanish translations

28.02.2014 v0.7.4:
- UPD 'Too sharp turn at node A/B':
revCon turns are excluded
- UPD for US 'Lowercase street name (with exceptions)'
now the check ignores [ENSW] at the beginning
- Fixed 'Zoom out to start WME Validator' message
- Fixed Spanish in Swedish language
- UPD howto for 'The segment is overlapping'
- Disabled for AU 'More than 55 letters Ramp name'

24.02.2014 v0.7.3:
- NEW for All 'BETA: Overlapping segments at node A/B'
- NEW for All 'BETA: Too sharp turn at node A/B'
- check IDs moved to the end of the check title

24.02.2014 v0.7.2:
- NEW for All: 'Obsolete CONST ZN marker'
- UPD 'Closed road': case insensitive
- UPD 'Non-drivable connected to drivable': excluded
short dead-end segments and segments with HNs
- DISABLED for US 'More than 55 letters Ramp name'
- DISABLED for IL 'Less than 3 letters long'
- Fixed 'No connection at node A/B' for false
'Show report'
- Improved 'Show report' performance
- Fixed toggle on/off
- Few new Spanish translations
- Checks #36, #37, #46, #47, #78, #79, #102 and #103
are now marked as SLOW
- Fixed few highlight issues (v0.7.1)

19.02.2014 v0.7.0:
- complete Spanish translation thanks to robindlc and
- WME language switcher now also switch language of
problem and howtos (but not links)
- 'Updated by' search option for country managers

- NEW for ALL: 'Out of range elevation'
- NEW for ALL: 'Non-drivable connected to drivable'
- NEW for IT: 'Ramp name starts with an A' (untested)
- NEW for ALL: 'More than 55 letters Ramp'
- UPD #51 for PL 'Incorrectly abbreviated street name'
added: bł., kard., marsz., rtm.
- UPD #101 'Closed road': default marker is '(Closed)'
- UPD #40 'Soft turns on drivable road': check for
both nodes exist
- UPD 'Incorrect lock level' checks for traffic locks
- UPD 'No connection at node A/B': exclude non-editable
segments filter option
- UPD for IL 'Less than 2 letters long street name'
- DISABLED for US 'Two-way Ramp segment'
- What's the problem and howtos are replaced with icons
- fixed WME Color Highlights wiki URLs
- added input placeholders
- now Validator reports max 300 segments per check

12.02.2014 v0.6.3:
- UPD 'Too short segment': roundabouts are excluded
- ENABLED for Bulgaria #27 'City name on Railroad'
- ENABLED for Chile #59, #86 and #93
- UPD 'Exclude non-editable segments' option for nodes
- Spanish translations thanks to robindlc and
- Spanish set as a default for AR, BO, CL, CR, CO, CU,
- fixed map scan: not all of the segments were reported

07.02.2014 v0.6.2:
- Validator makes a 1 sec pause on startup to allow other scripts to start first
- Improved startup time
- NEW keyboard shortcut to toggle Validator on/off: Shift+W
- UPD 'Unneeded node A/B' for segment/turn restrictions
- ENABLED few checks for Spain
- Spanish localization has started

05.02.2014 v0.6.1:
- NEW search option to include/exclude certain checks:
Reported as (see forum for the details)
- ENABLED for CZ 'Walking Trail instead of a Railroad'
- fixed few bugs with new and deleted segments

04.02.2014 v0.6.0:
- NEW search tab: your edits, date and city
(see forum post for the details)
- NEW for ALL 'SLOW: No connection at node A/B':
a dead-end node is within 5m from another segment
- NEW for ALL 'Too short segment'
(drivable non-dead-end less than 2m long segment)
- NEW for AT, CH, DE 'Incorrect Freeway elevation'
- NEW for ALL right-hand traffic countries
'Unusual B-A drivable roundabout direction'
- UPD 'Construction zone': TRAVAUX for France, GF, NC, RE
- UPD roundabout checks only for drivable segments now
- ENABLED for AT, CH, DE 'Two-way Freeway segment'
'Incorrect Freeway lock level'
- DISABLED for (almost) ALL
'Walking Trail instead of a Railroad'
'Unneeded name on one-way Ramp'

03.02.2014 v0.5.10:
- HOTFIX: DISABLED for (almost) ALL: 'Unneeded name on one-way Ramp'

02.02.2014 v0.5.9:
- NEW for ALL: 'Railroad used for comments'
- NEW for ALL: 'Walking Trail used as a Railroad'
- NEW for ALL: 'Unneeded name on one-way Ramp'
- 4xNEW for ALL: 'No inward/outward connectivity at node A/B' (warning)
- UPD for US 'Lowercase street name' exceptions: to
- UPD for PL 'Incorrect Railroad name': added MPK, SKM and Tramwaje Śląskie
- fixed: in segment properties issues are grouped now, i.e. 'Soft turns (12)'
- fixed: beta editor login
- fixed: Validator enabling/disabling
- polish translations thanks to Zniwek

31.01.2014 v0.5.8:
- NEW 'Construction zone (only available in the report)'
Default marker: 'CONST ZN'
Marker for Poland: 'REMONT'
- ENABLED for ALL: 'Same endpoints drivable segments'
- fixed: after solving 'No inward connectivity', segment still remains highlighted
- Validator is back in Layer Switcher
Note: you still might experience issues using old permalinks
- other minor changes

29.01.2014 v0.5.7:
- DISABLED for ALL: 'Same endpoints drivable segments'
- 'Settings->About->Available checks': added translate/localize markers
- Check IDs in the titles

29.01.2014 v0.5.6:
- new WME beta compatibility
- UPD for Ireland 'Incorrect Highway name' (accents)

28.01.2014 v0.5.5:
- fixed 'Available checks' crash
- fixed 'Show report' crash (for some countries)

28.01.2014 v0.5.4:
- NEW for ALL 'U-turn at roundabout entrance'
- NEW for FR, GF, NC, RE 'SLOW: Missing street name accents'
- UPD 'Lowercase street name (with exceptions)': added SK and CZ exceptions
- UPD 'Less than 3 letters long street name': Ramps are excluded
- DISABLED for SK: 'Lowercase street name'
- UPD: 'Street name with a dot': Ramps are excluded
- now you can localize check titles
- some translations for Italy
- Validator is disabled in LayerSwitcher due to auto-enabling on permalink click

23.01.2014 v0.5.3:
- NEW for ALL: 'Street name with spaces only'
- UPD 'More than 25 letters street name': for drivables roads only
- few checks enabled/localized for CZ and Slovakia
- 'Settings->About->Available checks' button now shows enabled/disabled checks
for the current (i.e. map top left corner) country

22.01.2014 v0.5.2:
- NEW for IT: 'Street name with a dot'
- UPD 'Same endpoints drivable segments': roundabouts are temporarily excluded
- support for RTL languages
- bunch of checks enabled/disabled for Israel
- few checks enabled for Italy
- other minor changes

21.01.2014 v0.5.1:
- NEW for ALL 'Lowercase city name'
- NEW for US: 'Lowercase street name (with exceptions)'
- NEW for FR, GF, NC, RE 'Lowercase street name'
- NEW for IL, US 'Two-way Ramp segment'
- NEW for IL, US 'Two-way Freeway segment'
- UPD 'Unneeded node A/B': total length is up to 10km
- UPD 'Might be incorrect city name': same names
- UPD 'Might be incorrect city name': De Witt vs Dewitt
- ENABLED for AT, CH, DE 'City name on Freeway'
- setting 'WME: Two-way segments' is off by default
- popup when settings are reset to their defaults
- popup with a changelog
- started adaptations for RTL languages
- started Israel localization
- other changes

20.01.2014 v0.5.0:
- NO MORE TWINKLING: new highlighting system (please report bugs/suggestions)
- note: all the settings will be reset to their defaults (major release)
- most of the checks are translated into French! Thanks to arbaot!
- new check for France: 'Unwanted abbreviation in street name'
- new check for France: '"Vers" in Ramp name'

19.01.2014 v0.4.9:
- fixed 'Two-Way segments by default' for roundabouts

19.01.2014 v0.4.8:
- new advanced setting: 'WME: Two-Way segments by default'
- new check: 'More than one outgoing segment connected to roundabout node A'
- now it's a warning: 'More than one segment connected to roundabout node A'
- more French translations thanks to arbaot
- enabled "City name on named Ramp" for France, GF, NC and RE
- no highlighting for 'Might be incorrect city name' check due to false positives, but you can still use this check by scanning a map area
- other changes

14.01.2014 v0.4.7:
- new check: 'Soft turns on primary road' for UK and Chile
- 6 new checks for Ireland: "Incorrect Freeway/Major/Minor name" and "Might be incorrect road type (Freeway/Major/Minor)"
- French localization has started! Thanks to arbaot!
- disabled 'Incorrect Freeway lock level' for US
- enabled "No lock on Freeway" for US
- fixed "Unneeded node" (state comparison)
- fixed: "Same endpoints drivable segments" (for two unterminated segments)
- other changes

12.01.2014 v0.4.6:
- UK is globally enabled
- new BETA check: "Too short U-turn connector", please report any false positives
- new check: "Same endpoints drivable segments"
- updated "Unneeded node A/B" checks
- fixed "Incorrect highway name" check for NL
- other minor changes

10.01.2014 v0.4.5:
- fixed "Street name with no space before/after" for "Dr.-Herbert"
- to switch highlighting on/off just click on the title "Validator"
- CSS styles for links and other minor changes

09.01.2014 v0.4.4:
- new filter options: "Exclude Streets and Service Roads" and "Exclude Other drivable and Non-drivable"
- all filter options are savable
- other minor fixes

08.01.2014 v0.4.3:
- new default filter options for any editor lvl: exclude duplicates and non-editable segments
- updated/fixed reports: "Less than 3 letters long street name", "Reverse connectivity", "Soft turns"
- "Reversed roundabout segment" updated and renamed to "Inconsistent roundabout direction"
- "Unneeded node A/B" reports are temporarily disabled

07.01.2014 v0.4.2:
- country-specific issue descriptions, how-tos and all the links
- new check: Dead-end U-turn
- new reports for Australia
- WME beta styles fixed
- few bugs fixed
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Post by berestovskyy
Version 1.0 released, please see the changelog above.

Important note for Firefox users: at the moment I'm unable to update the script at userscripts.org, so please use GreasyFork or my Google Drive instead.
lg1992 wrote:I use the following custom condition to mark dead-ends without U-turn:
template ${deadEnd}:${Uturn}:${direction}
RegExp 1:0:3
It usually works properly, but fails to mark segments which have U-turn on the second end.
There are new ${deadEndA/B} variables in 1.0.0, so please try smth like:
Template: A${deadEndA}:${UturnA}:B${deadEndB}:${UturnB}
RegExp: /A1:0|B1:0/
Tailszefox wrote:I'd like to report a small issue with a false positive for abbreviations in France
I've sent your request to french CM for an approval, so will be fixed once I get a response.
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Post by berestovskyy
ispyisail wrote:It may also be that I'm doing something wrong?
Unconfirmed segment for Validator is a segment with no country assigned. There is a limit 300 reported segments per check, so if there are more than 300 unconfirmed segments in the area, Validator will report just 300 of them.

But this is only my guess. Guys, please include permalinks in your reports/requests.

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Post by berestovskyy
ispyisail wrote:My PC is not picking up anything at this zoom level
It's zoom lvl 3. WME does not load some segment types at zoom levels 0-3, so you need to use scan in the Validator.

The segment 189055302 you mentioned in your first post is outside the area you posted the permalink to. I zoomed out to lvl 0, run the scan and got the segment 189055302 in my report. So it looks fine to me... :?
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Post by berestovskyy
Click Settings->Reset Defaults or select "search" tab and then clear the "Updated by" field. Your report does not include segments updated by you:
ispyisail wrote:
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Post by berestovskyy
Thanks for your answers guys. Here is my variant ;)

To highlight more than 100m long unnamed drivable streets:
Template: ${drivable}:${street}:${length}
RegExp: /1::...+/

Added to the list of examples: forum link
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Post by berestovskyy
sketch wrote:How does it define "drivable"? Is that just everything from Freeway to Street and Ramp, or does it also include conditionally drivable roads like Private, PLot, and Dirt?
Oh, your're right. We ought to exclude parking lot roads. I'll fix it later...
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Post by berestovskyy
krikketdoug wrote:1> Walking trails and other non-drivable road types that have a elevation of something other than -5 be flagged.
You can use a custom check in Validator for that:
template: ${typeRank}:${elevation}
regexp: /^5:(?!-5)/

But in fact at the moment Validator does the opposite. In some countries it highlights walking trails with elevation -5 (check #105).
krikketdoug wrote:2> Now that the US is moving to a Functional Classification system,
I did not hear about US Functional Classification, so I can't comment this, sorry.
krikketdoug wrote:3> Another check [...] Just mark them all places(points) instead of places(areas).
At the moment Validator does not support landmarks/places layer. There are some plans, but no promises, sorry :(
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Post by berestovskyy
numbermaniac wrote:Why is it that every time I open the editor it gives me that terms and condition notice?
Validator saves options into the local storage, so there might be two reasons:
1) your browser does not allow to set local data
2) your browser automatically clears local data once you quit the browser

For Chrome browser click menu->Settings->Advanced->Content Settings and make appropriate changes.
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Post by berestovskyy
ispyisail wrote:Ok i've found an example
In this particular case Validator missed a note reported by Toolbox. When I looked into the code, both Toolbox and Colour Highlight did not detect tile load properly and they both used a timer to periodically re-highlight segments.

So I had to implement a trick in Validator: once it detects the tile is loaded and ready, Validator dispatches an event to WMECH to force it to re-highlight the segments. It does not send anything to Toolbox though and I don't remember the reason. Probably the trick didn't work with Toolbox or smth :?

Generally speaking, those misses are plausible in Validator, esp. for the very long segments crossing the map view. So few month ago I send a message to Ohad asking a permission to use a low-level WME calls. It would allow Validator to scan the map few times faster and detect issues on the very long segments.

Now the validation functionality being implemented on the WME servers, I guess there is no reason to put much efforts here...
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