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Re: [Script] WME Validator 1.1.17 / 01.06.2016

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:31 pm
by PHIL-IP63
For me on Firefox 46.0.1 I have no problem with the old version 1.1.16, working fine.
But... with the new one 1.1.17 Validator don't work (no display) :(
Very strange.....

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.9.6 (BETA) / 08.04.2014

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:07 pm
by pjlasl
I noticed that street names that begin with numbers (i.e. 8th Steet) are being flagged with the following message: #170 The street name starts with a lowercase word.

I would also exclude the word "to" from the lower case filter selection as shown here

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.9.7 (BETA) / 08.04.2014

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:15 pm
by pjlasl
Found an interesting issue related to #170 (lowercase). The validation is flagging (W L D Lockett Rd) as lower case. See Here

Re: [Script] WME Validator 1.0.2 / 04.07.2014

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 1:20 pm
by pjlasl
It appears the latest update to beta has broken Validator :(

When u zoom in, you see everything as shown in the image and validator throws the message that there are "too many issues reported".

This behavior is not present in the normal version.

[ img ]

Re: [Script] WME Validator 1.0.3 / 04.08.2014

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:27 pm
by pjlasl
I just opened up the new beta editor and after some investigation noticed that everytime I have Validator turned on and the beta editor loads the following error is thrown.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'da' of null

If I turn off the extension, I no longer see this error.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 1.1.0 / 29.08.2014

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:31 am
by pjlasl
When click 'Apply' after adding an address to a Place, I am asked if I want to leave or stay on page. If I click 'Leave Page' the window is refreshed and lose my work. If I click 'Stay on page' nothing happens.

This only occurs when I have validator enabled. It throws the following message:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'CreateRoundabout' of undefined VM1924:1
2Error in event handler for extension.onRequest: undefined
Stack trace: undefined VM1791 extensions::uncaught_exception_handler:9

Re: [Script] WME Validator 1.0.2 - 1.1.16

PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:36 pm
by pjw65
berestovskyy wrote:
bz2012 wrote:FIrst time I have tried using the TYPE ferry, I see a problem: It is flagged as 'non drivable connected to drivable'.

Do we use ferries yet? This wiki page says: "Do not use the Ferry Road type for any purpose":

As of this Forum Post in Aug 2015 (Thread Link from Wikipage above) it is now drivable.
Since then we use in the WME the ferry type and get a normal routing on these (tested them just now).

Please remove the warning. Thanx.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 1.0.2 / 04.07.2014

PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:34 am
by Poncewattle
sketch wrote:Berestovskyy, could you remove the dead-end U turn check, and make it such that the "unconfirmed turn" checks etc. don't look at dead-end nodes? The ability to edit them has been removed from the editor.

Going to chime in here because I just figured out a way to edit u-turns on dead-ends but want to make sure I'm not breaking something else. Basically I can edit the u-turn on a dead end node by temporarily drawing a short two-way road segment and attaching it to the dead-end. Then I can edit the dead-end (since it's now not a dead-end) to disallow the U-turn. After that is done, I then delete the temporary road segment I just drew. The validator then stops complaining about it.

This also works with "Node A|B: Unconfirmed turn on minor road" where A or B is at a dead end.

It's a hassle. Maybe it's a waste of time to worry about it. Would like to know if it's OK to do this or if creating and deleting a lot of road segments in a short amount of time is "not a good thing."

Re: [Script] WME Validator 1.0.2 / 04.07.2014

PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:34 am
by Poncewattle
Taco909 wrote:
KB_Steveo wrote:QW on the end node is even faster ;)

Unless we are in the UK, we are not supposed to do this anymore... we've been asked in multiple threads by various global champs and Waze staffers.
Validator needs to ignore the u-turn, and the "Q" function in JNF needs to be changed so it likewise ignores u-turns if they are at a dead-end.

Understand that, and I am treading lightly here so as not to sound like I'm being argumentative, but I've noticed there's other actions that one can do deliberately or accidentally that will change the now-hidden dead-end U-turn. For example, just grabbing the end node of a dead-end and resizing it a little longer or shorter can in many cases change it from a hidden u-turn allowed to a hidden u-turn not allowed.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 1.0.2 / 04.07.2014

PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:15 am
by Poncewattle
I stopped Q'ing the end nodes when I read about not doing it. But then I noticed I was somehow changing some of the roads from yellow to blue when moving stuff around, so I experimented a bit to see why.

If I attach a temporary road segment to the end node when it's flagged, it then lights up as a u-turn permitted. I then delete the temporary segment, drag that end node a bit (like I would if resizing a cul-de-sac end point) and then it changes from yellow to purple. I then attach another temporary road to the end and now the u-turn is showing up as prohibited. So just dragging the node around had the side-effect of changing the behavior of the u-turn permission. So something is changing that u-turn as a side-effect of me moving the end node whether I intend to do so or not. :(

Almost all of the dead-ends in my area are u-turn prohibited naturally for whatever reason (long before I walked into town, as they say). Only a few are set to allow for u-turns (as still flagged by the validator). So if one or the other is a problem, then Waze staff are going to need to do some massive macro change of them all whenever they get it all sorted out, then we need to go in and just edit the exceptions here and there as applicable.