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TomS03 wrote:
skubko wrote:
meow17dino wrote:I can't get this to work in Chrome. I've installed the plugin and run the scan which finishes. When I click on the Show Report button it opens a new tab in Chrome but doesn't load anything (just says about:blank). I've tried googling this to find a solution but can't find anything. Can someone assist why this doesn't show the report?
I have exactly the same problem also on Chrome and also on Firefox. I reported this hear before, but so far nothing, I am still waiting so I could start using this script :)...
+1, also checking in to say this is what my Validator is pulling up. I thought it was due to me trying to get the UK Localisation sorted, but I guess it's happening to more people?
I think the problem has to do with the W.location.code being removed. There are 2 places where it is used, Just search for

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and change it to

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Post by benostrowsky
I'm getting a #171 on "Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad". What is an appropriate form of this name that would satisfy the check?
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Post by berestovskyy
davidg666 wrote:I assume this takes account of countries where people drive on the left (and roundabouts are clockwise). Can you add Ireland to the list of countries like this?
There is a property in WME for left hand traffic and Validator takes it into account. For instance here is a "normal" (B->A) left-hand roundabout in Ireland: permalink and here is reversed left-hand (A->B) roundabout: permalink

Let me know if you want to completely disable this check for Ireland or change the check title/description.
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:Text bubble reads "Click 'Report' to review map issues" but there is no button named "Report" that I can see. There is a "Show report" button though.
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:Example where reverse connection does not appear to be detected:
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:Suggestions: If you can have only one active "report" then I would suggest a single icon to run the report and then clear the report.
While you are panning the map the issues are highlighted and reported. So you can click clear button any time to start the report over. If there are too many segments reported/cached, the clear report button becomes red.

The trash icon has changed.
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:
txemt wrote:When I select an interstate segment, it pops up a warning about city name being in the city field. It wants me to remove the city name from the interstate. I didn't think that was set in stone.
I agree. WMEV should not give this guidance.
Ok, the check is disabled for US.
lelehman wrote:it appears to stop when I go to a different tab and then start over when I switch back.
Drag the tab out to create a new window. Then do not minimize it, but just switch back to original window. At least this trick works for me.
pumrum wrote:Since dead-ends are supposed to have U-Turns hard disabled, it would be helpful to show the dead-end U-Turn alert for all end nodes that do NOT have the U-Turn hard disabled. Currently it only shows for hard enabled and soft enabled, it does not show for soft disabled
There was a bug with soft turns detection. This segment will be reported/highlighted now as having soft turns.
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:I'm seeing the validator highlight/flash a LOT of segments, but when I click on them, nothing is shown.
There is a "Might be incomplete city name" check, which reports segments with too short or partially duplicating city names.

This check has limits for different cases. If number of suspicious segments exceeds the limit, the Validator "unreport" all of those segments.

For instance, if we have segments with "City" and "City Plus", Validator "unreport" them if there are more than 10 segments with such a name.

Give me a permalink I'll have a look if that is the case.
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:Also, seems there's a bug with false-positive for unknown segment direction:
Validator reports here that the segment is highlighted by the WME Color Highlight (WCH). Maybe you are using another script, which colors the segment in #00ffff (that's the color for "Unknown directions" in WCH.) You can disable those reports in Settings->WCH: Report highlighted segments

Thanks for the feedback!
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Post by berestovskyy
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:Request: Add detection of segments which share the same two endpoints: https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=6&lat ... 4,61233176

This is known to cause routing errors and incorrect start-point display issues in the app. Also can cause the "requested route" information for Update Requests to show the wrong segment.
Need more info here. At the moment the "Unneeded node A/B" reports are disabled.
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:I'm seeing the validator highlight/flash a LOT of segments, but when I click on them, nothing is shown.
Fixed in 0.4.3.
davidg666 wrote:1. both of those roundabouts you mention above are correct (clockwise), even though one runs A->B and the other runs B->A.
You are right. Please check the new "Inconsistent roundabout direction" report which just checks adjacent roundabout segment directions and reports if they are different.
khaytsus wrote:I've tried disabling all other scripts, yet this one still doesn't seem to "validate" anything. It shows up, I click the Play button, it pans around, finishes scanning, then nothing. No report (button stays greyed out).
There is a chance you have a perfectly mapped area ;)
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:Script has the wrong forum URL for "Website."
Fixed in the script, on userscripts etc.
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:The checkboxes under the Validator section don't seem to save between permalinks/sessions. Is this by design?
Yep, that was the idea :lol: In 0.4.3 there are just 2 default options: non-editables and duplicates. Let me know if it's ok now or shall I store the values across sessions.

And the same with the settings: there are just 2 persistent options...
SuperDave1426 wrote:When I click on a segment that flashed, sometimes after fixing and saving, it will stop flashing when I move the map, and other times, I have to click on the segment again for it to realize that the segment was fixed.
There is an internal segment cache. Validator revalidates only new, selected or unselected segments. Please try 0.4.3, there some changes in highlighting. Please report if the problem is still there.

0.4.3 is published. See my original post for the download links or force update in your browser.
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Post by berestovskyy
SuperDave1426 wrote:the validator is flashing it as having unneeded nodes A and B.
Please update to 0.4.3.
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SuperDave1426 wrote:I refreshed the screen that I was on and found a dead-end U-Turn. Fixed it and saved; it still flashes until I select and unselect the road.
Reproduced, cache issue indeed. You can also click "Clear report" button to re-validate all the segments.
lloyd_a wrote:I assume that this should work in the UK? I am getting the error:
Validator is based on WMET, so it has the same restrictions. I hope I could remove the restriction in the next release.
russblau wrote:On userscripts.org, the file header still has version 0.4.2.
The page must be cached or smth.
russblau wrote:Also, for a feature request: we currently have the option to "Exclude non-drivables and streets". Is it possible to break this into two options? I would like to be able to exclude non-drivables, but still include streets.
Most of the checks dedicated for the drivable roads, for instance: "Unknown direction of drivable road", "Unterminated drivable road" and other checks with word "drivable". They never report non-drivables, so the separated option might be not that useful?
AlanOfTheBerg wrote:For me, I would expect any setting to be saved across sessions.
You might be right, it might be confusing, esp. when you open permalinks in new window...
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Post by berestovskyy
Validator v0.4.4 just published. I tried to address all of the reported issues/suggestions:
- New filter options: "Exclude Streets and Service Roads" and "Exclude Other drivable and Non-drivable".
- Ghost highlighting of turns and Toolbox fixed.
- All filter options are saved across sessions, but the settings - just "Enable sounds" and "Highlight issues".
- Validator still reports, but does not highlight WCH highlighted segments anymore.
- Since I guess nobody is using "Exclude highways", the option has been removed.
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Post by berestovskyy
Validator Localization Packages

What is localization package?
Localization package is a script that tunes Validator up for your country. The script can enable/disable checks, set params and exceptions, translate user interface and messages.

There are two types of localization packages:
1. Built-in or default packages (come bundled with Validator).

2. External or user packages (the subject of this document):
a) user packages with params and translations
b) user packages just with params

User packages have higher priority, so they can override default options.

How to create a localization package?
1. Position WME over your country.

2. Switch WME to your language to get options and translations
or switch WME to "English" to get a package just with options.

3. Make sure any previous version of your script is ENABLED.

4. Prepare your country ISO Alpha-2 country code: list of codes (example: ES)

5. In Validator click Settings->About->(magic wand) and answer the questions if any.

6. The generated package is a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script ready for installation.
Copy and paste it into a new .user.js file or directly paste into the Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey.
Example filename: Validator-Spain.user.js

How to tune up/translate the package?
1. Open the .user.js file in a text editor. You can create a Google document and share the file among few editors/translators.

2. Search (Ctrl+F) for string "TODO:" and translate/check the marked strings. Please also remove the "TODO" marker. Example:

Code: Select all

"report.link.forum": "TODO: forum", -> "report.link.forum": "foro",
3. To enable a check, add/change the following line:

Code: Select all

"101.enabled": true,
To disable the check:

Code: Select all

"101.enabled": false,
4. For some checks you can also set params. Have a look at the complete list of validations for the list of params and their description: forum link

For example, to create a custom check 'Street name with a dot (excluding Ramps)', add the following lines:

Code: Select all

"130.enabled": true,
"130.severity": "warning",
"130.params": {
    "titleEN": "Street name with a dot",
    "problemEN": "There is a dot in the street name (excluding Ramps)",
    "solutionEN": "Expand the abbreviation or remove the dot",
    "template": "${type}:${street}",
    "regexp": "D/^[^4][0-9]?:.*\\./",
*Note: use D at the beginning of RegExp to enable debugging on JS console.
*Note: do not forget to escape backslashes in strings, i.e. use "\\" instead of "\".

How to install the package?
The Wizard generates Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script ready for installation.
You can copy and paste it directly into the Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey.

To add the script in Chrome/Tampermonkey:
Install Tampermonkey for Chrome: Web Store
a) copy your script to the clipboard (Ctrl+C)
b) click Tampermonkey icon in Chrome
c) from the drop-down menu select "Add a new script"
d) in the script editor select all (Ctrl+A) and paste your script instead (Ctrl+V)
e) click "Save" (not "Save to disc")

To add the script in Firefox/Greasemonkey:
Install Greasemonkey for Firefox: Add-Ons
a) copy your script to the clipboard (Ctrl+C)
b) click Greasemonkey icon in Firefox
c) from the drop-down menu select "New user script"
d) click "Use script from clipboard" button
e) click "Save"

Reload the page, click Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey icon and make sure your script is there.

How to distribute the package?
The generated package is a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script ready for installation. There are two ways to distribute your localization package:

1. Your local community maintain/distribute the package. Let me know when your package is ready, so I put a link to your package on the Validator main page.
So you need two scripts installed: "Validator" and "Validator for your country".

2. Alternatively, on your request I can import the whole package back into the Validator. So your package becomes a default built-in package bundled with Validator.

How to update the package?
1. It is OK if Validator version does not match your localization pack version. In case your localization package miss a string or an option, Validator will use english strings/default options instead.

2. Make sure the previous version of your script is installed and enabled, so you see your translations.

3. In Validator click Settings->About->Wizard, answer the questions if any and generate updated localization pack.

Note that all your translations will be preserved in this updated script and all new/changed strings will be marked with "TODO".

See "How to create a localization package?" section above for more details.
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BellHouse wrote:If so, I would suggest to move that checkbox to the front page of the Validator. In basemap areas the flashing segments can be quite annoying. ;)
Done, will be available in the next release.
SuperDave1426 wrote:I'd like to request an option to turn that off.
It's disabled for US.
SuperDave1426 wrote:An additional note, not related to the above: I've got some interchanges that look like this:
It's a beta check, just ignore it at the moment.
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