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Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.3 (BETA) / 24.02.2014

PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:19 pm
by berestovskyy
kentsmith9 wrote:I did not see the official list linked to what letters are supposed to be allowed in each country. I assume there is some table?

For US it's just "to". Let me know if you need any other info.

But before you create the wiki page, please have a look at this forum post about Validator "country packs". I plan to extract translations and all country-specific data into separated scripts, so local communities could maintain the lists of exceptions, translations and enable/disable checks on their own.

AlanOfTheBerg wrote:At least OpenLayers has a function for you (Geometry.segmentsIntersect).

Sure, but we disagree on how many times we need to call this function :lol:

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.3 (BETA) / 24.02.2014

PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:42 pm
by berestovskyy
fvwazing wrote:So you DO check HN, though slow?

Yes I do and no it is not that slow. Last Sunday many people noticed that fwd/revCrossSpeed attributes have disappeared from WME, but there was a new handy attribute hasHNs, so the check was implemented ;)

The check is marked as slow because we have to analyze adjacent segments, but it does not send any requests to the Waze server.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.3 (BETA) / 24.02.2014

PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:06 am
by berestovskyy
Alan just said this hasHNs attribute was implemented long time ago. I guess I was misled by WME Toolbox "House numbers" highlighting option, which makes server requests to check if a segment has house numbers... :?

Anyway, I noticed and tested this attribute and it worked OK.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.3 (BETA) / 24.02.2014

PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:29 am
by berestovskyy
magfro wrote:Why does WME Validator default to Spanish and not English and how do I change that?

Switch WME language to English for now, the bug will be fixed in the next release.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.4 (BETA) / 28.02.2014

PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:09 pm
by berestovskyy
28.02.2014 v0.7.4:
- UPD 'Too sharp turn at node A/B':
revCon turns are excluded
- UPD for US 'Lowercase street name (with exceptions)'
now the check ignores [ENSW] at the beginning
- Fixed 'Zoom out to start WME Validator' message
- Fixed Spanish in Swedish language
- UPD howto for 'The segment is overlapping'
- Disabled for AU 'More than 55 letters Ramp name'

bobthedog007 wrote:There was a discussion here about segments with the same endpoints causing problems.

It's still in this thread: forum post

ditchi56 wrote:Can you extend it to pick up cases like these, where the road loops round and ends on itself

I'll try to implement it, but no promises.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.3 (BETA) / 24.02.2014

PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 9:54 pm
by berestovskyy
Timbones wrote:In my testing, the hasHNs attribute is only set to true immediately after editing the house numbers.

Hmm... As I wrote I tested the feature few days ago and it worked fine :? I just tried to reload WME with/without the segment selected and in both cases hasHNs was correctly set to true.

At the moment I see in WME just one line of code with hasHNs and it's just a simple return operator.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.4 (BETA) / 28.02.2014

PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 8:39 am
by berestovskyy
Laurentwb wrote:I am wondering if would be possible to get a version that would highlight primary streets that are not locked at level 2.

Sure, will be implemented in the next release for Benelux.

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.4 (BETA) / 28.02.2014

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:00 am
by berestovskyy
LeighGr wrote:Here's a segment breaking a couple of validation rules, but is not highlighted by WMEV

Validator does report 'Dead-end U-turn' and 'Soft turns on drivable road' on that segment, but please read below.

At the moment, Validator reports up to 300 segments per issue to save memory. So if you pan around the map for some time and there are more than 300 segments with 'Soft turns' for instance, Validator will stop highlighting soft turns, but will continue to highlight other issues.

When you reach the limit, the clear report button becomes red. If you click the button and start the report over, Validator will highlight soft turns and other issues again.

I'm aware that in some cities you can reach the limit almost instantly (there are too many soft turns or unknown directions), but I have no solution at the moment, sorry :(

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.4 (BETA) / 28.02.2014

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:43 am
by berestovskyy
LeighGr wrote:I had disabled Validator

I'll add a note in the segment's properties if Validator is disabled or the limit has reached.

GizmoGuy411 wrote:#47 The drivable non-private segment has no single inward turn enabled at node B.

This segment is two-way segment, that has no connectivity at node B. The segment after node B is one-way away from node B. The only inward access to the segment is via private business road.

A permalink would help. But in theory Validator reports #47 only if inward connectivity is possible at node B (i.e. there is at least one connected segment, it is drivable and its direction is two-way or one-way directed to the reporting segment)

Re: [Script] WME Validator 0.7.4 (BETA) / 28.02.2014

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 9:11 pm
by berestovskyy
The problem is at node B (Freeway). I guess you have to make this Dearborn Ave a one-way road (direction to freeway).

But you are right, there might be some cases like this one. I guess we have to analyze a turn's angle as well...