Bahrain Editing Guidelines

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Bahrain Editing Guidelines

Postby wrapperNo1 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:01 pm

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

These are the official Editing Guidelines for the Kingdom of Bahrain. It shall be updated occasionally.
Official Bahrain Waze Group: Bahrain Wazers
Official Facebook Group: Bahrain Wazers
Official Twitter Feed: BahrainWazers

Waze Map Editing for Bahrain
*Waze Map Editor Link

1. Road Naming:
1.A. Road names must be properly capitalized
Bani otbah avenue -> Bani Otbah Avenue

1.B. You can add the Arabic names of streets too
After adding the English name of a street, click 'Apply'
Then click 'Edit', you'll see a link at the bottom that says "add alternate name", click it
Add the Arabic Name of the street and save

1.C. Don't depend on Google Maps for Street names, instead, use Bahrain Locator

1.D. Note the difference between 'Avenue' and 'Road'
An Avenue is larger than a Road
An Avenue can be a 'Primary Street' but a Road can't
An Avenue is translated as شارع
A Road is translated as طريق

2. Road Direction:
2.A. If the opposite lanes of a road are separated by a sidewalk, we draw the road as two opposite one-directional roads. If there is no sidewalk in the middle we draw the road as a single bi-directional line.

3. Road Type:
3.A. Road Types are derived from Bahrain Locator
Compare the existing road types in Waze and how they're drawn in Bahrain Locator to understand the relation.

If you have suggestions to enhance the guide, feel free to comment below.

Bahrain Country Manager
Bahrain Country Manager
Official Bahrain Waze Group: Bahrain Wazers
Official Facebook Group: Bahrain Wazers
Official Twitter Feed: BahrainWazers
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Re: Bahrain Editing Guidelines

Postby AlObaili » Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:16 pm

Hello, wrapperNo1 :)

I recently traveled to Bahrain and was thrilled to unlock some areas to update the map, actually I was excited for editing the map more than enjoying my time in Bahrain :lol:

I noticed that some guidelines can be improved so that more Arab users can be attracted to Waze. Since a year or so, Waze fixed the letter connection problem and much of the Arabic language issues in Waze. With those updates we can now rely on Localizing the map to Arabic more and hopefully this will lead on growing the community of wazers around the Arab world. I personally took this approach and updated the map of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to have Arabic names appear primarily and English names as secondary names, and the effect was huge. The number of active wazers grew like never before, and for WME, I finally was able to see an Arab editor or two every couple of months.

Before all of this I joined the Localization team to catch up on localizing the Waze app and Waze Map Editor to Arabic.

We can all agree that Arabic is the number 1 language both in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Arab World, and having an Arabic Waze can mean the difference between a successful product or not.

I am so happy I visited the Bahrain forum and read an know more about your involvement in improving Bahrain's map. I had the honor of improving some of it, including updating speed limits around Al Manama and Al Muharraq. I will continue to invest my time improving what I can of the areas I have in Bahrain before they're due.

Your's from Saudi Arabia,
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