Suddenly have to enter full addresses for my area

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Suddenly have to enter full addresses for my area

Postby DarrenBaker » Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:39 am

Hi guys,

About three or four months ago, something changed in the way searching was handled (I notice it happens both on the client AND on the live map); For example, I used to be able to type:

8882 170 Street

and it would return the closest result, because it read for context. At some point, that changed, and I had to start typing out the full address, including city, every time I searched:

8882 170 Street NW, Edmonton

this annoying behaviour continues to this day. If I search for the former query on the app, it will sometimes return something that LOOKS like the address, like '170 Street NW Edmonton (8882)', but if I use that result, it won't take me anywhere near where I want to go - it appears to just select the middle of the miles-long street as a destination. Very annoying.




Here is an example from the app:
- Searched for '8882 170 st'

- Searched for '8882 170 st nw edmonton'
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