Off-road / Not maintained Road

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Off-road / Not maintained Road

Postby mareku188 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:15 pm

Please don't use Off-road / Not maintained Road so often. Why?
Here some additional info:
The Off-road / Not maintained (formerly Dirt Road / 4x4 and Unpaved) segment type had the unique property that Waze users could ask not to be routed over it. That function has now shifted to the Unpaved attribute check box.

Off-road / Not maintained roads are typically deeply rutted with thick mud, irregularly shaped rocks, fallen trees, branches, and deep streams, creeks, or river crossings. A typical car would bottom out, get stuck, or even break an axle trying to traverse these types of road segments. The vast majority of vehicles would not be traveling down these roads. This segment type should strictly be used by a type of hard terrain/special vehicle.

Currently, Waze does not plan to support a 4X4 vehicle type in the client app, but the developers have left this option for editors to map these paths, so they can be displayed on the map. They have an extremely high penalty associated with them and will not be suggested in any routes in almost all circumstances.

If some street is just unpaved please follow this instruction:
The Unpaved checkbox is an attribute that can be applied to any road type. It indicates that a road is not paved with asphalt or concrete. The unpaved attribute affects routing over driveable road types; it does not really affect non-driveable road types, since the client does not use them for routing. Based on user preference, destination, and other settings options, the Waze client may avoid routing them over otherwise driveable segments when the 'unpaved' attribute is checked.

When to select the Unpaved attribute
Any driveable road which is not paved with asphalt or concrete should have the Unpaved attribute box checked.

Information from USA Wazeopedia - but this system works all over the world.
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