Name standards

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Name standards

Postby drenu » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:44 am


So as you all know Kosovo is a little bit sensitive on too many levels. We have to make a standard of names.
Since there is tension on all parts I want to recommend something and you can all add your own opinion and maybe we can vote in the end or just decide.

90% are Albanians, 10% other nationalities. This means only 5% know Cyrillic. So I would recommend as the first step: Street and City names not to be Cyrillic. For whatever reason you might think, I am proposing this because almost nobody can read and write Cyrillic in Kosovo!

Since Albanian, Serbian and English are official languages in Kosovo we can choose 2 things:
1. We can write the city names in English everywhere. 2. Or we can write them depending on the majority of the population living in the areas.

Street names should be written based on this GIS portal: and from checking the street names live on the plates where you see them.

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Re: Name standards

Postby CreekOfJohn » Fri Mar 29, 2019 4:26 am

One of the rules of Waze maps is that it should represent the names that the drivers can see when driving locally.

So, the primary name for the city and the street should be whatever is on the local street signs and traffic signs. Alternative names should contain other names that users are likely to use when searching in the app.
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