Standards Establishment in the Great Lakes Region

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Standards Establishment in the Great Lakes Region

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:39 pm

We have multiple standards being discussed for our GLR states.

They include:

City naming conventions
Functional Classifications
Road usage for Waze road types (frontage roads, alleys, cemeteries, ferries, dirt roads, private installations of various types, mobile home parks, apartment complexes, etc.)
Minimum segment Locks
Place naming
Segment names (including state, county, township highway names)
Update Request handling
Speed Limits (added for discussion 2016-02-13)

Here is how we must proceed with their discussion and establishment:

1) The goal should always be to use national standards whenever possible first and foremost.

2) When no national standards exist, or we need to add to an existing national standard, then
we should seek to create only TEMPORARY standards for our region.

3) This should be accomplished by surveying the other regions and state standards and exceptions, with the ultimate goal of pushing all regional standards to the national level and removing as many regional and state standards as possible.

4) If we disagree with an existing national standard, then the results of our consensus should be moved to the national level for discussion BEFORE we create an exception!

5) While some state standards are inevitable, our goal should be use national standards whenever possible and avoid creating state standards if at all possible.

6) Our discussions should be contained to the greater GLR forum until we determine that a state standard is actually necessary. At that time the discussion can be moved to the state level.

7) All of our decisions should be researched to be fact and evidence based and voted on by our Area Managers representing all of our editors. Our personal preferences should not come into play.

An example that I have shared with many of you in the past, is that personally I always preferred the Ohio State Highway naming format of "OH-###" before I edited for Waze. However, the format officially used in Ohio is "SR ###" and adjusted for Waze to "SR-###" for technical reasons. My personal preferences were outweighed by researched facts and evidence.
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