GLR & the 2015 NA Champs Meetup

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GLR & the 2015 NA Champs Meetup

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Mon May 04, 2015 4:20 pm

Hello GLR!

Just wanted to show off the GLR and our participation at the 2015 NA Champs Meet-up in NYC on April 26th.

Lonewolf (WI-SM), SkiDooGuy (MI-SM), and TerryPurdue (OH-SM) were special non-Champ invitees from the GLR by various Champs from around NA.

I announced three major projects that I initiated at the meet-up. I have initiated. The "Edification of Jane" TTS project (Extension of the Big TTS List), the "New Glossary" project, and the "NA AM Data and Visualization" project".

The "New Glossary" project is announced elsewhere in the forum with special credit given to our non-GLR friend PeseachZ for his enormous effort to help me make it possible.

The GLR graciously loaned out our SkiDooGuy for the new Mentoring program, for which he gave a booming presentation along side OrbitC, one my fellow RCs and collaborators in many initiatives. Ski's voice projected so well he did not even need the microphone!

The NA AM Data and Visualization is one of my projects that may not be widely known outside of the RC and Champ community. I started it to help in our NA Self Management tasks, and to augment exiting tools.

Since I lacked scripting knowledge, I commissioned TerryPurdue to help last fall.

The result has been a series of revelations about a number or aspects of AM areas that we previously could not easily see.

While he helped with my related NA AM date sheets, the My Map visualizations were created entirely from his scripts, and are fascinating to study.

This data has already proven to be an asset to some RCs and SMs and will prove to be even more so as we develop a means to better distribute the tools.

Terry also produced and presented an excellent and very well received presentation to graphically show some of our findings.

Although Terry did use a microphone, his presentation was quite entertaining, and thankfully so, as the crowd needed reviving after many hours or presentations! He even managed to get some laughs in at my slight expense. That will cost him later, to the benefit of everyone with future projects.

And similar to my thanks to PeseachZ, I want to personally thank Terry for his ongoing patience and tolerance of my never ending wish lists. to-do lists, and tweaking. (Notice that I said ongoing!)

So great job guys! Again the GLR shines.... and this time Waze Staff got to witness it first hand!

Now we can get started on how the GLR will be noticed at the Global Champ Meet-up in Israel this summer!

Please let our GLR team know that their hard work is appreciated, even if you are not involved in the projects they have participated in! Their efforts help us all.
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