SkiDooGuy Acting GLR Coordinator during GizmoGuy411 hiatus

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SkiDooGuy Acting GLR Coordinator during GizmoGuy411 hiatus

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Wed May 27, 2015 3:58 am

I would like to announce my appointment of SkiDooGuy as the Acting Great Lake Regional Coordinator during my Waze hiatus.

SkiDooGuy has already been endorsed by many of the other Regional Coordinators, and is well respected in the Waze community. He was initially expertly mentored by jemay, and after moving from the west coast to Michigan he became a State Manager for Michigan and quickly learned to adopt the GLR Self-Management expectations.

SkiDooGuy attended the most recent 2015 North American Champ meet-up in NYC, where he assisted OrbitC in the community presentation on Waze Mentoring.

He has helped lead the Canadian MapRaid, and assisted in many other MRs and other Waze projects, including initiating several of his own.

I'm confident he will maintain the high Self-Management standards established in the GLR, while continuing to forward our positive attitudes and commitment to mentoring Waze editors.

Please support him!

My hiatus is necessary to accomplish simultaneous major remodeling and new construction for a residential move that will require all my available time for several months. Several factors moved the hiatus much closer than I anticipated, which left me with virtually no time to prepare myself and others for my hurried hiatus from Waze.

Although only a few of you knew this was happening, I apologize to everyone who I originally intended to notify sooner.

I also apologize to everyone who is waiting for communications from me. I will still address them or forward them when possible.

Since SkiDooGuy made me promise that I will actually return to Waze, I hereby promise to do so as soon as possible.

My Private Messaging will be soon be disabled, and my Google Hangouts participation will be sparse. While my email address will still be active, I will not be reviewing it often or regularly. There I would ask that you contact your State Managers for most communications, and SkiDooGuy when actually necessary.

While on hiatus I will regularly remain in contact with SkiDooGuy, and with some Champs on occasion or as necessary.

The various Waze projects that I have initiated, or were active in are asll in good hands, and I intend to return to them as well after my hiatus.

Thanks to all those who have supported me for this hiatus! See you all soon!

GLR RC ... on hiatus!
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