Connected Citizens outreach template

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Connected Citizens outreach template

Postby TerryPurdue » Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:45 pm

Have been asked multiple times for a "template" for reaching out to new groups about Connected Citizens.

Here's what I sent to Ohio Dept. of Transportation. I got a very positive response within a week of sending this, so apparently it didn't scare them off.

Would be very open to discussing wording in this forum thread to find out how to improve. I rarely send stuff out without a group review, and the following had no review.

TerryPurdue wrote:[Mr./Ms. _______]


My name is ________________. _____________ (Cc'ed on this message) kindly pointed me your direction as an ideal person within _[organization]_ to start a dialog with regarding Waze "Connected Citizens Program."

I've agreed to be the volunteer point of contact between Waze and _[state]_ city, county, and state Departments Of Transportation to Connected Citizens, in the hopes that we can get them to join the program.

As a brief summary, Connected Citizens is a (no-cost!) bi-directional data sharing agreement between Waze and city/county/state departments of transportation.

Benefits from consuming Waze data:

  • Faster response times: _[organization]_ can receive realtime notifications of app-generated alerts, such as accidents, traffic hazards, etc., reducing response times.
  • Urban planning: _[organization]_, working in concert with local governments, can use Connected Citizens data to analyze historical traffic volume data for longer-term infrastructure/urban planning. The Waze-provided data supplements existing data sources, helping direct construction funding to projects with the most positive impact for _[state]_ drivers.

Benefits from contributing data to Waze:

  • Reduce congestion from planned closures: though Connected Citizens, _[organization]_ can proactively submit notifications to Waze about planned road closures (construction projects, organized events such as marathons, parades, etc.). With the closures in place, affected drivers will be automatically routed around the closures.
  • Demonstrates proactive government: all _[organization]_-submitted notifications/closures show up in the app with an attribution to _[organization]_. This is very positive press (doubly so since it's no-cost to taxpayers!), a great way to show _[state]_ drivers just ONE of the numerous ways that _[organization]_ is aggressively, constantly working on their behalf

I'd love to talk in more detail/depth any time that's convenient for you. My contact info can be found in the signature block.

If -- at some point down the road -- a teleconference or even face-to-face (with volunteers and/or paid employees of Waze/Google) would be appropriate, we can put that together.

Thank you very much for your time!


State Manager, _[state]_
Waze Volunteer Map Editing Team
Phone: ___________
Email: __________@_____________________

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