How Waze resolves where an address is located

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How Waze resolves where an address is located

Postby ramblinwreck_81 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:30 pm

Resolution of addresses
It is very common to find a UR that complains Waze routed to the wrong location. To be successful in resolving this type of problem it is helpful to understand the order in which Waze resolves an address (i.e. determines what source probably provides the most accurate location for the address). Once you have a better understanding of the sources and their priorities, you will be more successful in solving these types of update requests.

The following order has been developed, primarily by trial and error (and with lots of input from ggrane). Before using, know that it's not 100% foolproof and there's no guarantee that Waze will not change this apparent priority:

1. Residential Point Place (RPP) (although generally true, see this new and relevant discussion:

2. Nudged Waze House Number (HN) (see here for discussion on 'nudging': ... umber_Tips )
3. Approved Google Address
4. Automatic Google Address
5. Automatic Waze address

Also be aware that waze places (i.e Waze non-RPPs) do not impact resolution of addresses. Although there is an address field for any Waze place, the address fields for a non-RPPs allow a Wazer to discriminate between two places with the same name. For example, a wazer searches for "Walmart" and two are returned in the app, the address can be used to discriminate as to which Walmart is correct for the Wazer.
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