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Welcome to MapRaid! NE Region

Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:49 pm

Hi Everyone,

Waze has a new and exciting program where we can help improve area together in a week. Here's the condensed version of the details:

What is this "MapRaid" ?

A “MapRaid” is a time limited, joint effort of a community, to improve the condition of the map in a designated area in their country (a major city, unmapped area, a region etc.)
The local Champ forms a team of veteran editors along with "younger" ones, and for a short period of time (around a week), the team of editors raid the map in this certain are - closing URs, closing MPs, approving/rejecting places, adding new roads, editing existing roads, approving new roads and adding information to streets (name, connectivity, direction etc.)

Veteran editors mentor new editors, and together they bring the map in the area to perfection.

What's so good about this MapRaid?

Good one - Here's just a short list:

* Improve the map quickly and significantly.
* Improving routing and navigation within the designated area quickly and efficiently.
* Establish a mentoring culture within the community.
* Strengthen the relationship inside the community.
* Updating pending “Places” faster.

Before we start, there's more

When decided to have a MapRaid, Waze gather data on the area before it is handled and raided.
Once the raid is over, Waze can share with you the overall improvement to the map (new roads, how many places added, how was the connectivity improved)
Not only that, Waze will also share with you the MapRaid hall of fame - You will be able to see and share with your community the achievement of every editor - How many edits, places, roads, streets every editor had done.

Please PM me suggestion of areas and if you are interested to be a part of this. Thank you.

Re: Welcome to MapRaid! NE Region

Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:32 am

Yes. We will have New Jersey MR in the next couple of weeks.
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