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Re: FuncClass/Abbreviations

Postby F1-11 » Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:10 pm

Thanks for the clarification, I've run into state routes classified as minor, with waze not wanting to use them. I reclassified as major.
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Postby Lequs » Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:19 am

Hello everyone, just a few things I wanted to bring up.
Just talking with a few other active editors we've pretty much agreed to these standards:

We use the State's functional classification map as a reference.
From there we edit roads listed as Collectors as Primary Streets.
Minor arterial as minor highway.
Principal arterial as major highway.
Interstate/Expressway as expressway.

After that any of those can be elevated in its road type by being either a State or US highway.
State highways are always at least Minor Highway. US Highways are always at least Major Highway.
This is all pretty much per the standard Wiki guidance.

One of the issues I have run across is that a LOT of the roads designated as collectors in South Dakota are in fact not "paved" but instead gravel. Functionally these roads DO act as collectors and should (in my opinion) be elevated above street level status. Based on that I've been generally listing collector roads as Primary Street regardless of paved status. Unless it circumstantially would be inappropriate.

In another forum we already talked about changing the SD standard to US-XX, SD-XX, CR-XX, BIA-XXX for US, State,County and unnamed reservation Roads. I think this is pretty solidly agreed upon.

My only other issue I wanted to bring up was the issue of CR vs Street XXX.
A LOT of rural roads were given a County Road designation a long time ago. It wasn't until recently that due to 911 addressing efforts most roads were named xxx Street(E/W) or xxx Ave (N/S). The State GIS Func Classification map only shows the 911 Addresses/St/Ave version. I think in general the postal addresses for these rural houses have changed to the St/Ave standard instead of Rural Routes/CR.
Again according to the wiki roads should be named CR-xx or xxx-St/Ave based on the predominant local signage on the roadways. But as we all know the street view in these areas either don't exist or are very poor. So barring local knowledge of how it is signed is there opinions on whether either one should take precedence? I've just been adding the missing one as an alternate name so that the segment has both at least.

This page listing South Dakota's standards should probably be updated also if agreed upon:

Hopefully this wasn't too wordy or rambling, or previously decided, mostly just thinking out loud and was hoping for some input from all of ya.

AM for Western SD/SM for South Dakota
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