Yay for holiday goodies

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Yay for holiday goodies

Postby AlanOfTheBerg » Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:16 am

Havent seen any.

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Re: Yay for holiday goodies

Postby pulsarxp » Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:57 am

Neither do I. Maybe it is only U.S. server?
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Yay for holiday goodies

Postby jasonh300 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:57 am

Got a splash screen but haven't seen one yet.

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Re: Yay for holiday goodies

Postby mapcat » Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:58 am

AlanOfTheBerg wrote:Havent seen any.

Nor have I, and I've been running Waze for the past 3 hours. But I didn't see the announcement on the screen either. Maybe a test?
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Re: Yay for holiday goodies

Postby phantomblack » Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:37 am

I got the screen on my way out of work my buddy didn't. Drove around X-mas shopping and didn't see any Hats, candycanes, or snowflakes.

The snowflakes is the real problem we sure could use some up here in Wisconsin. Looks like it is going to be a brown X-mas.

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Re: Yay for holiday goodies

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:52 am

Ran Waze all day while on the road and again tonight to and from dinner. Of course had the iPad lid closed so for some reason I don't know if I had a slash screen or not! Also didn't hear any goodie sfx either.

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Re: Yay for holiday goodies

Postby Spil » Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:37 am

Didn't see any of them on my hour drive this afternoon ... didn't even get a notification screen that they're coming (stinks to still be stuck on version 2 with Android, I guess :P). I did pick up 11 candies, though (been a busy boy on the Papyrus this week! :D), so the trip wasn't a total loss. Oh yeah, and we got groceries and Christmas presents too. :lol:
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Re: Yay for holiday goodies

Postby unwallflower » Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:03 pm

I got the popup this morning, but no goodies to be found.
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Re: Yay for holiday goodies

Postby dmcconachie » Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:15 pm

*sigh*mumble*NA only again*mumble*sigh*
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Re: Yay for holiday goodies

Postby gettingthere » Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:19 pm

I'm sure that they are coming. No need to get all worked up!
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