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These forums are specific to the Waze mobile app. Post here if you experienced a problem while using the app, have a question about the app functionality or a feature such as navigation or search.
Post by chrysrobyn
At this point, what's the best way to integrate Waze into my car's head unit? Appradio? On which unit? All the reviews I've read make it sound terrible. Any news on getting Apple to flex their rules and allow Carplay integration?

I've got the same criticism as everyone else regarding the night mode having too little contrast.

Two days ago, I started the app and it zoomed all the way out and wouldn't go back. I could see New York City on my screen, and it's 3 hours away. I had to double click, swipe up (force close) Waze to get it to relaunch and clear itself.
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Post by ChumpCar_Rcr
iPhone 6
iOS v9.1
Waze App v4.0.0.3

This version uses a scary amount of power. Whenever I am driving I have my phone on a cradle with USB supplied power. This version of Waze uses so much power that it will not charge the phone. It is basically using 100% of the additional power so there is not enough reserve to charge the phone.

1 hour drive yesterday - left home at 58%, arrived at 58%.
Today - 1 hour drive; left at 70%, arrived at 68% (was using the phone today as well).
Sitting here - no power. In about 25 minutes power has gone from 48% to 35%.
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Post by cl1ffjumper
I have been a happy and active Waze contributor for years.

I made the MISTAKE of updating to this newest version, which has absolutely KILLED the app's functionality.

I'm using an iPhone on iOS 7.xx
The previous version worked nearly flawlessly.

PROBLEMS with current version:

1) Lag. The app lags about a block behind where my car actually is at. This was not an issue in the previous version. It's nearly useless now as a navi guide, because I'm already past the place I need to turn by the time it tells me to do so and visually indicates where I'm at.

2) Automatic routing. How the hell do I turn this off? It randomly selects some destination every time I turn the app on, rather than giving me the opportunity to choose my own destination (or not - sometimes I just want the map on)

3) Where is the "end navigation" button? It's not intuitively placed like in the previous version. I can not find a way to disable navigation after I start it!!

One of the major reasons I used Waze is that it actually took advantage of a phone being mounted vertically and used the screen display for maximum "look forward" capability. Now that's gone and replaced with a MASSIVE and useless block of text at the top, blocking the map. Get rid of this. Return the map to being a map.

ALERT BUTTON BLOCKS THE MAP. Move it lower. We don't need that "person" button so prominently. No one needs to chat via text while driving. Move it to a submenu. Move the Alert button to that corner.

Also - you could take advantage of the lower screen. Make the buttons translucent, so we still see the map under them. MAP IS MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE.



Keep this straight.

5) CRASH!! ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME!!! Change something? CRASH. Choose a destination? CRASH. Click anything? CRASH.
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Post by cloud-operator
The new version for iOS is not my fav.

Issues/worsening during navigation:

1. The bar at the bottom is non-transparent, so the visible map will be reduced in size.
2. The identification of heavy traffic ahead is bad because the route is mostly not red-coloured so you can't see the traffic next kilometres ahead timely.
3. Sometimes also after I report a traffic jam, the route will not change the colour.
4. I miss the "end navigation" button, so I only can suspend the application. Sometimes I'll only see the map, without navigation commands.

Positive changes:

The new menu for reporting is better now.

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Post by cloud-operator
jtbnz wrote:Fonts on an iPhone 6+ are too small. and the highlight around a road is barely distinguishable.

Very hard to see at a glance ETA as well
Same here with iPhone6
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Post by coldblaze
See the attachment image. In the previous version I could see the exit names/numbers before arriving at them. In the new 4.0 version I cannot read any of the text if the exit name is longer than than a few words. The font decreases in size to a point that I cannot read anything on the display while driving. This is also hard to see when the text is a blue/purple on a black background.

Please make the exit numbers visible again, as I have missed several in the past few weeks since I cannot see which off ramp, on ramp or exit I should be taking.
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Post by ColdnFrosty
Sadly, I find V4 difficult to use. The reporting feature is better than previous versions, but the notification icons in this release are so small, as to make the primary purpose of the application pretty useless. The usability folks apparently didn't pay a whole lot of attention to real world scenarios. Also, I notice voice notifications were happening within a 1/4 mi or so of an event. I prefer a good mile's notification to events, not notifications when they are already within eyeshot.
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Post by CongressDJ
I'm sure these gripes have been posted a million times, but I will add my comments anyway. After all, I have been building them up for a while:

1. The color scheme makes ALL important information difficult to see.
- White lettering on light-blue background is an awful choice for visibility. High contrast is of the utmost important for quick reference while driving.
- Light purple guidelines on a dark gray background is extremely difficult to see in low-light.
2. The fonts are too small to read without squinting and/or craning your neck and/or lifting phone.
- The number of "thumbs up" on reported incidents is so small as to be rendered invisible (I cannot understate the importance of this feature, as it helps gauge the seriousness of the reported incident).
3. Size of report pins. It is difficult to see what is being reported due to their small size.
4. Landscape mode makes fonts EVEN SMALLER
- This is important for those of us who need a wide lateral view of the surroundings. Tip: Instead of making the font smaller, stretched across the top, why not use some of the immense lateral screen real estate to show a drop-down with upcoming directions?

1. Please correct the way "object" is used verbally. It is pronounced OB-ject, not ob-JECT.

1. Response time for turns has been slowed.
2. The "alternate routes" function needs better placement or a bigger button.
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Post by CoolOU812
AD5TD wrote:
wbritt99 wrote:What a degrade this release has been to a great product.

Time to go back to TomTon
I must agree with that statement. This version although pretty, is not as good as the last one. Not being able to report objects on the other side of the road is a big negative to me. I would encourage them to read instate that ability so that we can report conditions in traffic on the other side of the road. I live in a very rural area there's not much traffic so I don't get a chance to get reports or leave reports very often it's very important that I be able to report traffic on both sides of the road.


I must also agree with both of these statements. Since I find out about waze two years ago I have tried to use it at every time I drive and have been a big fan of the app, until this new update. Although it looks nicer, it doesn't seem to have the same abilities as the last version. It seems slower on getting map updates, doesn't show local wazers around you anymore, and won't do trips over 1000 miles. In my opinion, they should scrap this version and go back to 3.9.6, I for one would be a lot happier!

I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to remove my Waze app. Being a long-time user & supporter, it kind of hurts to see this app, that was the most used app on my phone, being destroyed by the latest update. We need to get them to go back to the previous version. All Waze users unite and tell the company we want it back the way it was!
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Post by CoolOU812
All Waze Users Unite!

Quote this post telling the makers of Waze we want them to go back to the previous version. If you agree, quote this post and add your own comments.
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