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Post by JKru69
ADCoolNinja wrote:When driving to work on the same route, I just want quick voice command to guide me to the best route. E.g., "Take 52 east" is sufficient instead of "Stay in the right lane and take exit 37- highway 52 east- San Clement Freeway". This verbosity becomes extremely annoying.

However, when driving in a place I am not familiar with, that extra verbosity may be helpful.

There should be a way to toggle modes, or even learn automatically when I am in a new place v.s. a place I know well.

I agree. I'll take the verbose navigation guidance when I'm outside my normal area, or when there is a suggested change to my normal commute. However, I really don't need turn-by-turn directions within the last mile to my house or office. There should be a geo-fencing feature so you can mark the areas that you don't need navigation voice.
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Post by jaraddowning
I use this app on a very frequent basis and love it. I often find myself turning off the navigation when I get within a few miles from home as there are a number of turns in my neighborhood and I know the route well. I would love a way for the voice prompts to stop when I have my destination set as HOME and I am within a few miles of my destination. This could be user determined to be 1 mile or 2 miles or 5 miles, whatever works.

Thanks for the great GPS app, I would be lost without it ;).
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Post by MartiniB72
maybe option "Suppress instructions for known roads" (used at least 5 times in last 10 days)
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Post by kentsmith9
Interesting idea. Does the app presume to know the standard route? It knows what time of day you generally head to home or work, but doesn't necessarily have the same exact turns every time, except maybe very simple routes.

What if there was a feature to disable voice navigation unless there is a change in route. You would need to tell it avoid audio guidance (until it changed) each time you started a trip, but that would be much more simple to implement (and more likely to be possible).
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Post by KellzHoney
I would also like this. I'd also love the ability to choose to only have waze prompt if there is a route change.. there are many mornings in my commute where it changes the route to a better one and that's good info, but I don't need the turn by turn directions between home/work. It would be nice to have the option to just say "only tell me route changes".
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Post by justdave72
I believe it does tell you route changes if you have it set to "Alerts only" because that's considered an alert.

I'd also like this, but I'd mainly go for the "x miles from home" option. I do go on longer trips with a well-known route, and will often turn on the voice navigation even though it's well-known because of the long distance to the next exit, and the voice prompt is then a good "hey, here comes your exit" prompt, since when you're on the highway it's often easy to just pay attention to staying with traffic and not pay attention to where you are, and I've been known to miss my exit even on a well-known route because of that :-)
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Post by JimG1970
Please add a local check box for when near home or office. This would allow you to not listen to the directions or have to deal with re-routing within a few miles of home or office, but would pick up directions and announcements once outside of range and on the first major road to destination. I dislike all the re-routing searches and in Pennsylvania the cell connections come and go in the valleys. This would let me program the destination before leaving the house or office parking lot and still be able to make a slightly out of way stop at a gas station, store, bank, or post office before settling into my route for the trip. With poor cell antenna coverage in between hills the location will not be lost and Waze will not shut down or get confused.
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Post by jaimezx
+1 on the OP; came in here to post this.

I run "alerts only" 98% of the time & only turn directions on if I'm out of my usual area.

I think a simple solution would be "make a recommended deviation from your typical route" an Alert, therefore you'd get a call-out when you need to take a non-standard turn.
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Post by jaimezx
No, I just get the "recalculating" alert-beep if I drive PAST the unusal/non-standard turn Waze wanted me to make. :p
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Post by karakis99
MartiniB72 wrote:maybe option "Suppress instructions for known roads" (used at least 5 times in last 10 days)

How do you enable this feature?? I've been through settings and haven't found it. Thanks.
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