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Waze on Ca-Fi 620800 Double-din Android Infotainment System

Post by vlad_amarante

Guys I need your help...
I've just ordered a double-din adroid-based system for my car, it is called Ca-Fi 620800 ( It runs Android 2.2 (froyo). And I need Waze there! hehe ;)

I am an early adopter of Waze and heavy user, currently on my iPhone. I use a Waze sticker in the car rear bump. I needed to upgrade my car stereo, and decided to move to this double-din android-based system, so I can run Waze in a larger screen an integrated to my dashboard. :geek:

But I was following a Ca-fi review thread and ask the guy to test Waze on it. Unfortunately it didnt load correctly... :!:

:arrow: Please see this video, scroll to 02:47 position and play from there. Note what happens with Waze running on Ca-Fi 620800.

2 issues found:
Waze loads with wrong orientation! It is vertical, should be horizontal.... Is it possible to lock it to the correct orientation? Any tricks or is it a configuration? :o

Also, it displays low battery message from time to time. Ca-fi is like a double-din car stereo, so there is no battery (not a tablet or smartphone). Is it possible to disable this warnings?

Please help! :| ;)

Thank you!!!
Using waze on iPhone 4, and sometimes Symbian too...

Post by dmcconachie
I think this is very specialised and you might have some luck emailing support direct but you're unlikely to get much traction in here!
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Post by vlad_amarante
Hi, is it the right forum or should it me moved to another section? Thanks ;)
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Using waze on iPhone 4, and sometimes Symbian too...