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Pending Panel disappeared

Post by apelle

I'm area manager and had the chance to view the 'pending' panel only once. I closed it once by mistake and there wasn't any chance to get it back on the screen. I tried everything, but no success. Cookies were deleted but this didn't bring the panel back.

Any suggestion ?


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Post by apelle
There must be a bug, clearly.

I was just checking and discovered that I had the 'Pending' option and consequently the panel on and NOT on (that is supposedly the domain I should use for Italy).

I checked again and I got it back available, but I just could approve a couple of deletions and it disappeared again.

It seems not a browser problem, since it happened both on Chrome and Firefox.

Let's see....
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Post by cobra
I've never seen the Pending option, however I notice there is now a 'Try next aerial photo option' in the views panel... :lol:

So yeah, it does seem to be a bug for some. A couple others mentioned they have the Pending option. I was looking for it a few times, because sometimes deleting a road in my area happens immediately, and sometimes it tells me it has been moved to pending approval! :roll:
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Post by friedlinguini
There should be a link in the View Panel, just above Highlight Connectivity.
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Post by tappa
It happend to me also. Use Firefox, It works a bit better.
But i think its a bug (for some users?)
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Post by Zirland
In View Panel there is the option of "Pending". This brings Pending panel to the screen.
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