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Post by Super-Ella

I have the same problem with Android 2.3.5 and HTC Wildfire S.
Waze is working fine but I can't connect to Facebook, I get the same error: fbconnect://success#access_token=<token>

And I don't find in My Dashboard the option "Facebook Connect".
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Post by Super-Ella
I found the following solution, and it worked:
Logged out of FB on phone
Removed Waze access from FB on computer via app center
Updated FB on phone via google play store
Logged into FB on phone
Then opened Waze on phone and logged into FB.

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Post by laasv
I had same problem after resetting my phone. I just updated FB app and it worked!
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Post by maemaescreations
Worked for me! Thank you!

Post by zaggino
Not really, been struggling with this entire day today. Running latest version of Facebook and Waze - LG G3 Android 5.0 and for some reason still not able to connect Facebook.
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Post by matsalka
Somehow the connection was lost and Waze asked to connect to Facebook again. Tried everything already, but still can't connect.

Oneplus 2 stock.
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Post by sejtam
same here. the busy disk just keeps spinning but no connection.
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Post by JohnNiezen
Same here. spinning stops, but no friends shown, just setup connection again
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Post by vince1612
ButtercupDC wrote:I've been a Waze user with Facebook login for years and have had many phones and never had a problem with signing in with Facebook until today when I'm trying to use my new IP7. I keep getting "Facebook account has not been configured on this device" which is incorrect.. I was just on my FB on this phone.. I have followed the delete in FB and the on the device for both apps and put back on and still the same issue.. So its not a FB issue its a Waze issue.. Whats the deal Waze.. I'm moving 2000 miles away in a couple of weeks and will be, well like to be, relaying on my dearly loved Waze app on my journey... Fixed It Jesus . I do have a regular username and password account but I haven't used it since 2012 which doesn't have any of my favs and or latest places I've visited... HELP HELP HELP
You're not the only one who has had this issue, staff is already aware and are working on fixing it.
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Post by TheDragonSlay
I am having the same problem
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